Monday, November 7th


Monday, November 7th




5 Rounds for Time:

14 Kettlebell Swing, 32/24
7 Handstand Pushup

10 minute time cap.

Post load and time to Comments.

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  1. JoJo

    Squat #130
    5 rounds 10:44 (KB swings #24; 10lb plate w/ ab mat for HSPU) last two rounds needed an extra 10lb to finish.
    Accessory work:
    EMOM 5 min
    10 second hold TB2; 5 strict T2B

  2. Rekas

    BS: 3×5 @ 125#

    Metcon: 7:13 24kg kettle bell swings – all rounds unbroken; regular push-ups – need work…Worming too much!

  3. J Cash

    Clean complex
    1 power clean, 1 push jerk, hang power clean, split jerk.
    135-155-165-175-185-195-205-215(F the hang clean)

    Hang power clean @155
    Bar facing burpees
    C2B pull ups

    Strict HSPU
    9-8-7-6-5 unbroken

  4. ERIC S.

    Misfit Oly complex *without dropping the bar
    Power clean + push jerk + front squat +
    hang squat clean + split jerk
    Worked up to 225#

    Bitch work 60 calories rest 3min for 3 rounds
    3:02, 2:55, 2:48

    The fighter pull up program was popularized by Pavel. It is a more specific style of program. In this program, you will do descending ladders of strict pull ups five days a week. Or in this case I did strict handstand push-ups. I recommend this program for anyone that wants to get stronger at pull-ups or handstand push-ups.
    Day 1 9,8,7,6,5 strict hspu

    Try it out

  5. Rudy

    Squat @ 165#
    WOD 9:31
    I started seeing the improvements on my HSPU but I’m still using all the accessories available lol

  6. Jess RP

    Squat @ 93lbs
    Metcon: 7:06; push-ups instead of HSPUs and 20 kg KBS

    Look Matt, I’m blogging. Successful guilt trip!

  7. Melissa TruHero

    BS 3s: 155-165-170
    – because I can’t follow directions

    Metcon- arms still not functioning since “Artie” so did 5 rounds:
    14 ghd sit-ups
    14 step-ups on the red box with 45# bar (back rack)

  8. Bryguy

    Shoutout to Saul for his awesome photo!

    7:00 FS instead of BS @165

    9:58 with double ab mat HSPU, sub 10 so I’m cool with that.

    Cash out: failed handstand keg stand.