Monday, October 10th


Monday, October 10th

10733975_10152827220079429_2927541108429493007_nCongrats Jess! #mooandyusayido


Back squat

Post all loads to Comments.


3 rounds for time:
25/20 calorie row
20 thrusters (95/65)

15 minute time cap.

Rest 1 minute between rounds

Post total time including rest to Comments.

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  1. PlayGurlPattyG

    BS85 / 2rd 53

    Had to switch to front squats after my 1st 10 Thrusters left shoulder neck area something weird

  2. chad

    Thanks to EROC and jcash for the push after I complained for 30 mins about how out of shape I am

  3. johanna

    BS 10s: 115-135-155-165-175
    Metcon: 12:16 Rx
    should have been faster, went unbroken on the first round, second round was a disaster, third round in 3 sets.

  4. Vishal

    BS: 145. Failed Forward @ 155 on the 9th rep. Failing Forward = good in life, bad for back squats.

    Metcon. 12:40, but 45#.

  5. BigTuck

    Squats: 135-185-205-215-225. If it wasn’t for watching big K get through the last set, I probably would have wussed out. Thx Kenny.

    13:51rx on that F’ing Wod.

  6. JLee

    Bum shoulder bum hip. Injuries keeping me out of my favorite type of workouts this month :/

    Went for a run

    400m – 600m – 800m – 800m – 600m – 400m w/ 1 min rest between each
    Right around 23 minutes incl. rest

    5 hill fast jogs, walk back down for rest

  7. sallys

    Yesterday pre-debate WOD:
    Deadlift 5×5 155#
    Strict press 65×5 75x3x2 80×3 (PR 3 rep I think) 80×2

    Maxed out at 113×10 at a post-flu BW of 124#

    113 was terrible. Was leaning forward…not sure if I normally do that or if I was compensating for my sore deadlift back.

  8. ERIC S.

    Back squats 10 rep 315lbs
    Oly 5×1 clean & jerks @245
    5×1 @255
    Wod 20 min
    20 cal row
    20 overhead lunges 95/65
    10 t2b
    10 hspu

    4 rounds 20cal 10 t2b

  9. Melissa TruHero

    Joined 6pm for the metcon
    11:45 RX’d

    Back squats after metcon = no bueno
    Had high hopes for 175# but not today.