Monday, October 30th


Monday, October 30th

Heads Up! It’s Metropolis’s Birthday! We’re holding our anniversary party this year on Saturday, November 11th… clear your afternoon for beer and limbo!


Hang Power Clean

Then, complete 5 rounds for reps:
1 minute row (calories)
1 minute burpees

Post all loads and total reps to Comments. On the whiteboard today, do not split out your burpees and calories, add them together.

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  1. Joe

    Anyone want to buy a spartan race registration off me? My friends bailed and are deferring til spring and I don’t want to re-register and pay the insurance fee. I’m registered for a beast right now and would transfer the registration usable for a race of your choice at a discount. Just trying to cut my losses at this point. Let me know

  2. dtm

    EWOD Against a running clock run the following intervals:
    :00 400M
    4:00 800M
    10:00 1200M
    18:00 800M
    24:00 400M