Monday, October 3rd


Monday, October 3rd

DON’T FORGET: On Mondays, and going forward, weekday classes are at 5, 6, 7, and 8pm.


Front squat
Find a 7 rep max


For time:
Power cleans* (135/95)

*perform 5 burpees after each set

Post all loads and time to Comments.


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  1. BAston

    FS: 190#

    Wod: 4:18 rx’d (my lats are destroyed from Sat, so I can’t lift my arms over my head. That made this worse than it should have been).

  2. amandajnz

    Front squat -#88

    Cleans/burpees- 3:34 #68

    Fun times at Romper Room 🙂

    Public Service Announcement;
    Matt is running the Nyc Marathon (probably sprinting it) and raising money for OXFAM

    donate here —-

  3. ERIC S.

    Squat cleans @245 10×1
    Wod for time
    30-20-10 of
    Ghd sit-ups
    Push press 115/85
    Hang squat cleans
    11:37 Rx’d

  4. johanna

    155 was my old 7 rep max and I barely eeked it out. Didn’t have anything left after that.

    Metcon: 3:34 Rx. Great 5pm class energy!

  5. Melissa TruHero

    123-133-143-153 probably could have gone for more but didn’t want to tweak my lower back (unfortunately saw Johanna’s 155 too late ????)

    Metcon: wanted to give my traps a rest from all the cleans I did last week so decided to do power snatches instead (dumb)
    5:39 @ 73# power snatches #franlungs

  6. Kim

    Showed up at 7:15pm.
    Realized I forgot to pack pants.
    Left gym.
    Ate Pizza.
    Ran zero hill sprints.

    I ain’t sorry.

  7. JLee

    Seems my legs went into shock from the hill sprints. All these new muscles. Recovery day, shoulder PT and other foam rolly, stretchy stuff

    Perhaps Wednesday would be a good day for some front squats. Weakness fosho.

  8. luis

    FS 83. I still need to practice the movement and position- First time
    4:40- 33 bar, need to practice before putting more weight on.