Monday, September 19th


Monday, September 19th


Start a running clock:

At 0, 4, 8, 12, and 16 minutes:
4 Heavy Back Squat

At 1, 5, 9, 13, and 17:
1 minute max reps box jump, 36″/30″

Post all loads and rep counts to Comments.

Remember, when in doubt ask for a spotter.

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  1. cloudon

    Just randomly putting this out there…

    I’m looking for someone to house and/or dog sit on a semi-regular basis. At this point I know I need someone Oct 3-14 and Dec 23-Jan 2. My dog Utah is a small Springer Spaniel. She’s 13, sleeps most of the day and loves all people and other animals. She just needs a walk around the block 3x per day. She can stay with you or you are welcome to house sit. This doesn’t entail much other than watering some plants and a few other random things. I’m on a safe brownstone block – 128th between 5th and Madison. Lots of outdoor space, grills, DJ booth, have a dinner party… I really don’t care so long as everything is clean and taken care of. If you house sit and work a regular job I can get a dog walker for the middle of the day. Rent out your place on airbnb while you get paid to live elsewhere… If you are interested or have friend you trust who would be, let me know.

    Chris Loudon
    [email protected]

  2. Denise

    Active Recovery WOD
    5 rounds, one min each activity:
    4 back squat @ 113
    10 box jumps @ 24″
    20 ab mat situps
    1 minute rest

  3. BAston

    Walked 3 blocks and got fucking destroyed by rain. Shoes, socks, everything drenched. So went home and cuddled with the dog. Will try to come tonight.

  4. J Cash

    Work up to a 1 rep max power snatch
    Got up to 180, failed at 185

    Work up to 1 rep max power clean & jerk
    Worked up to 225.
    Got the power clean at 230 but failed the jerk

    2K row
    120 DU’s
    60 C2B pull ups
    17:10 rxd

  5. patrick

    Squats @305
    BJ: 25 @31″

    I’m guestimating 31″ as i jumped on the pads. The stack is 1 pad higher than a 30″ box

    Did not attempt the cash out as i’m still sore from the last time i did ring dips

  6. Kim

    2 laps of the reservoir
    1st lap: ?? My GPS watch stopped
    Rest: ~4 mins
    2nd lap: 18:06

    Didn’t think I’d have the endurance for 2 laps so super excited!
    Not sure if I got fitter over the summer or if I’m just powered by pumpkin spice.

  7. ERIC S.

    1 rep snatch 190#
    1 rep C&J 275#
    2k row
    120 dubs
    60 pull-ups
    * first time doing pull-ups so feeling really good about these

  8. Andy

    53 @35″ I could have done 36″. I thought 38″ was 36″ and that I was doing 33″. I should have measured before hand…