Monday Skills and Drills


Monday Skills and Drills

5 rounds for time of:
25 Wallballs, to the skylight

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  1. belbogen

    Used 3 ab-mats for HSPUs.

    15:00 – DNF
    3 rounds + HSPU + 13 wall balls

    Today’s lesson learned: Active shoulders makes HSPUs easier.

  2. dlede

    Brian, thats quite a daunting post for a guy who couldn’t wake up and will have to go to the 8pm session (especially since the skylight is practically within your reach).. nice job

  3. mjansen

    11:05, but two Abmats the whole time. E tried to steal one from me, but I couldn’t do 1 Abmat. Active shoulders is the key and tight core.

    I liked the warm up session this morning. Hands to the sky when we do air squats!

    Nice job everyone!

  4. belbogen

    Dlede: I’m sure E will let you stand on the 20” box for your wall balls. He’s nice like that.

    FYI Eric, definitely a thumbs up on more development/skill work along with the WOD. Found it very helpful this AM.

  5. Sorry folks: our website and email server (hosted by failed for several hours today. It was out for several hours last week as well. It better not happen again or they will be doing massive amounts of burpees as punishment.

  6. dkiley2

    Did FGB at Crossfit Chicago sunday. PR by over 70 reps (344 versus 270). All the 24 and 30 inch box jumps makes the FGB ‘easier’. knocked out 50 box jumps in the first round with a total of 139 box jumps over the 3 rounds.

  7. wolfman29

    4 rounds with 2 abmats, then the last round push ups…..finished exactly at 15 min

    need to keep building on HSPU, but getting better