Monday Skills and Drills


Monday Skills and Drills

100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Situps
100 Air Squats

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  1. jmiz

    60 pull-ups
    40 ring rows
    90 push-ups
    100 situps (at around 30 I realized I only did 90 push-ups)
    100 squats
    10 push-ups


  2. Deann

    Greetings from Ohio!

    Just wanted to say what an awesome job you all did at Fight Gone Bad this weekend, you raised an amazing amount of money for a great cause! Hope all is going well!

    ~ Deann

  3. 60 Ring Rows
    60 Push Ups (on knees, hee hee)
    60 Sit-Ups
    60 Squats
    14:07 Next time I’ll try to do more reps so it will appear as if I worked out (that was for those of you who asked if I had worked out when you arrived for the 8PM session) 🙂

    Check out the “Wall of Fame” next time you go to Crossfit. It is a work in progress…

  4. jen

    60 ring rows
    60 push ups (modified)
    60 sit ups
    60 squats
    Thanks to everyone at 7p for making me feel so welcome…… great workout!!