Monday Skills & Drills


Monday Skills & Drills

Marilyna, giving a new meaning to “Band Pull-Ups”.

We started cleaning out the office, so please take All of your shoes and things home with you… and please don’t put anything back in the office.   There will be shelves outside to store Olympic Lifting Shoes soon.  Also check the lost & found for clothes and water bottles…  Someone is missing a pair of Undies!!

THANK YOU, Jaymeson for building the first set of shelves for the gym.  What a difference it’s made to the bathroom!

Strength WOD:
Front Squat

Conditioning WOD:
2  Sprints to 3rd Ave & back
Handstand walk the length of the gym
2 Sprints to 3rd Ave & back
Handstand walk the length of the gym
2 Sprints to 3rd Ave & back
Handstand walk the length of the gym


“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.”
~Ann Landers

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  1. Vikram

    B-boy: “Your rounded back is UNCOOL. So UNCOOL.”

    Great having Allison join us at 6 AM. The yang to the yin.


    Metcon: Don’t even ask, but wall climbed.

    See you soon, Kiley!

  2. Adam Van Auken

    FS: 155(5)-160(5)-165(5)-175(5)-180(5). Increased starting weight, volume, and last rep by 5 pounds. I was happy with depth and had a little left so 185 next time.

    WOD: 2 rounds plus 1 sprint at time cap with bear crawls. I had to resort to kipping HSPU very early in but it was good to work on those.

  3. mcohen

    I did not do the 5 rep front squat the last time we did it, so picking weight as a bit hard. 5’s are a difficult number.


    I decided not to go up when Brendan gave his talk about shitty form and lack of depth. As he wasn’t looking at me, I knew he was talking about me.

    Also, thanks alot Allison. It was great having you with us. Especially liked the tip about bouncing out of the bottom.

    Metcon: Sucked. Worked on negative HSPU’s.

  4. Ben

    Front Squat: 135-145-155-165-180 (PR)

    Pretty happy with this. On 4/9, I did 115-135-150-160-170 and my 3 rep max on 4/23 was 185. Even looking back over my front squatting #s from previous years, where I am sure I was not getting so deep, never broke 175 for 5.

    Metcon: Heavily scaled

  5. bfarrel

    FS: 205-210-215-220-225[pr]. Perfect weight. Bumped up 20lbs from the last time we did a FS 5 rep progression.

    Metcon: DNF as rx’d. Actually, it wasn’t as rx’d because I did 10-8-6 on the HSPUs. Handstalks were were ridic fun. First time trying those out and I can’t wait for the next time we see them.

    First time I’ve ever made the Monday Morning 6am shift and so glad I did. Bboy and Allison, thanks for bringing the energy at 6am… that ain’t easy!

  6. sara

    FS: 85-90-95-95-100 First time doing 5-rep max. 3-rep max on 4/23 was 105lb, so this felt about right.

    Metcon: 13:45 bear crawls and knee push-ups

  7. 120(5); 125(5), 130(5); 135(5); 140(5)
    Note to self: attend Mondays.

    Upon further reflection, DFN. I got confused on scaling and missed some reps in there.
    I will get the handstand walks. Close. It will happen.
    Negatives and pushups on the HSPU.

  8. danielmrank

    FS: 110(5)-115(5)-120(5)-125(5)-130(5)
    Conditioning WOD: 2 rounds even, 15 min time cap (400m row subbed for each set of 2 sprints [because raining outside], 5 wall climbs subbed for each handstand walk, HSPU negatives)

  9. jhenry

    Hate having to always miss Mondays. Headed to Philly today for work. Planning on attending Crossfit Center City tomorrow morning. Anyone ever been?

  10. vicnord

    FS – 85,90,95,95,95
    looked at 4/23 sets of 3 FS to try & gauge weight – my max was (3)95# – probably started too heavy but pleased to have gotten in 3 heavy(for me) sets – still need to get faster out of the bottom & nail the bottom of my squat

    metcon – today’s key learning – it is much easier to do a handstand pushup with 2 abmats than it is to slowly lower one’s head to the floor in order to gain strength to do HSPU Rx.

  11. lauren

    Probably won’t make it in today, but will grab my shoes tomorrow!

    Happy front squatting, all!

  12. Frank

    It was great to be at the 6am class. What have I been holding out for? We beat the rain, got another Coach B Classic “Your rounded backs are so uncool…” and had his better half watching our form. I’m going to make this a habit.

    FS – 115, 125, 135, 140, 150 Felt good. kept it light. Had solid form. Still rehabing my back.

    Metcon – DNF. I think wall climbs are easier than Bear Crawls. I tried them both. Either way, my shoulders were toast by the time I got to HSPUs.

  13. Brett

    105-110-115-120-125 which is 10 lbs heavier than April 9.

    I tried something novel today and actually listened to coach Brendan’s advice about leading with the elbows on the way up, and it really helped.

    Metcom 2 rounds plus 40 meter row. Did regular pushups 2:1 and did wall walking pushups.

    Also, just want everyone to know there is a new sherriff in town and she is scary. Don’t even think about leaving shoes or clothing in her gym. And make sure everything is put away EXACTLY where you took it from. Apparently, only 1 thing scares the sherriff. I wish I had a video camera rolling when I saw her jumping up and down screaming when she saw 3 spiders. Thankfully, the heroic Brendan came to her rescue.

  14. plugpilot

    E, B, or new sheriff,

    Could one of you grab and hold my black Nike Romalo lifting shoes (they’re sitting on the table in the office, probably right next to Brendan’s red shoes) until I come back into the gym? I might be out all week, and don’t want to be the guy leaving stuff in your new clean office!

    Brad R.

  15. PMidg

    235#, ties PR for 5RM…and it FELT like a 5RM

    12:36 as Rxd…happy to get some (ugly) HS Walks and work a brand new skill

    Great class, gym looks gorgeous, and my CF friends are gettin’ seriously strong! Happy Monday!

  16. ashleigh


    Frustrated I couldn’t go up from last time (115). I started 5lbs heavier, but everything felt heavy today. My last two reps with 115 were shitty form and didnt feel right so I dropped the weight.

    DNF with bear crawls and 2x pushups (1/2 toes, 1/2 knees)
    2 rounds + 1 bear crawl

  17. patrick

    190(5) 205(5) 215(5) 225(5) 235(5)PR
    This destroyed my legs for the metcon…felt like I was carry cement on the sprints.

    Metcon: 14:15 (Bear Crawls and Pushups). I’ll be happy once my shoulder surgery is over and I can start doing some Handstand pushups and Pull-Ups.

  18. Jared

    Equinox in Chicago WOD

    Got 245×4 last time, but I don’t want to drop weights in a globo gym

    500m row: 1:40.4


  19. Amylynne


    METCON: just barely finished in 14:50. subbed wall climbs for hand stand walks. i think im lucky to be able to kick up. im not sure i will ever be comfortable in a hand stand without the wall catching me. sigh

  20. Melanie

    FS: 90 5rm… Same as last time but felt stronger. Finished out last set of 95 in 5 singles w/ Allison’s encouragement.

    Fun metcon. DNF because I was enjoying doing the HS walks a little too much and I couldn’t get up from the negative HSPU without assistance.

  21. kpo17


    14:40 with some interesting attempts to handstand walk and hspu negatives.

    I’m not sure what looks cleaner after Allison’s direction…. The gym or my front squat. Everyone thanks you for both!

  22. Sam B


    Here is a quick bit of logic I learned today:

    If # of Drinking Days = # of CrossFit WODS then ≠ PR

    Ha, in fact I threw up in my mouth running down the hill – 🙂 DNF MedCon

  23. MacIntyre

    Serious wrist and position issues- thanks for fixing those allison!

    Metcon: very fun.
    DNF- finished the final round of ten handstand walking attempts.
    Had a great time learning how to do handstands against the wall and lowering down slowly- allison, you’re wonderful!

  24. dlede

    190, 200, 210, 220 (PR), 225(4), form felt very good but just need 5% more energy for that last rep

    met con: :-), handstand walk practice

    between monday blues, jet lag, lack of sleep and rain this was a struggle

  25. Brooke

    95, 105, 110, 115, 120
    Up 5 lbs from last time.

    DNF metcon. modified due to shoulder.

    Great job 5:30!

    Steph – next time!

  26. rafael

    Front Squat: 185-205-210-225-235 (PR)
    Go up 10lbs next time

    Netcom: 15 minutes scaled
    All over the floor on walking hand stands on 2nd 3rd rounds

  27. sassypants

    In the same boat as Davey…lack of energy tonight.


    Free standing handstand practice, HSPU negatives to 1 abmat, and a couple of attempts to kip feeling like my head was stuck in a cement-block…

    Thanks Allison!

  28. marilina

    FS: chickened out and started 5# behind Amylynne. Had we partnered, I have a feeling she would have made me stay with her.
    100, 105, 110. 115, 120

    DNF because I wanted to work on walking on my hands. I can stay up kind of still some of the time, but I walk backwards.
    subbed HSPU with 2x back extensions

  29. Joe

    FS: 95,105, 115,125, 135(PR+10)

    Metcon: 14:38 scaled recovering shoulder

    3 rounds
    run to 3rd (2x)
    20 GHD’s
    20 knee pushups

    1str time doing pushups of any kind in over 3 weeks.

  30. Alicia

    115-130-135-140-145PR (previous PR from 4/9 140#)
    metcon: 2+3rd sprint (bear crawls, kicking up, knee pushups 2:1)

    was doing bear crawls until left foot & calf cramped so I did 10 free standing hand stand attempts instead in 2nd round…wasn’t as scared w/ these until I saw Rafael flopping all over the floor 🙂

  31. EdG


    Met con: DNF
    Worked on negative HSPUs and regular HSPUs with Bboy spotting me. Thanks dude.

  32. stephmil

    wasn’t feeling like I could keep form if i went up on the last set

    MetCon: 🙂

  33. PJ

    155-165-170-175(4)-175 (PR). Not satisfied w depth on some of the heavier ones

    Had to bail met con; wil get shoulders in tomorrow at whatever pressing we do.

    Nice work peeps

  34. Kevin

    115, 125, 135, 145, 165. coulda done 175+. next time, still getting into the swing of things.

    fail on metcon. i was spotted on some hspu’s

  35. adam.schwartz

    105-110-120-125-130 (PR)

    thanks allison and Bboy for the tough love on going up in weight (I PR’d bc of it)….

    metcon 🙂

  36. AllisonNYC

    Awwww You guys!! Thank you for making me feel so welcomed and appreciated.
    And Thanks to everyone for cooperating with my OCD with the organizing. I know it takes a few extra seconds from everyone but I think the end result is worth it for everyone to enjoy 😀

    I really had fun watching everyone pushing hard through the squats. Everyone fought really hard to get low and drive the elbows up.. and it paid off.
    Those HS walks should probably come up more often. Based on the board, we looked like a bunch of VERY happy people. haha!

    Thanks again <3 You all rock!

  37. AllisonV

    60# felt awful – pitching forward on drive up, so reduced weight for last set

    DNF metcon
    Finished through 1st sprint of 3rd round
    Sub 4x bearcrawls, pushups from knees

    Felt really weak and unbalanced this nursing a sinus infection and bronchitis for the past week. Still on the mend (as exhibited by my not being able to breathe on the front squats), but missed you all too much to stay away any longer!

  38. mjansen

    135(5), 155(5), 165(5), 185(5), 135(5)

    1 terrible HS walk…15 HSPUs and a run…need to get so much better!

  39. Carmen

    55,60,65,70,75 felt good. Start heavier next time.

    Metcon – subbed bear crawls and knee push ups for HS walk and HSPU. Might’ve finished if I didn’t opt for HS practice in the 3rd round.