New Week, New Warm-Up, New Skills, New Opporunities to Improve Your Movement


New Week, New Warm-Up, New Skills, New Opporunities to Improve Your Movement

The guys were so amped to see Giovanni lift that they were even loading his bar for him!
That was a HEAVY deadlift!!!


Warm-Up of the Week:
1.  Light 400m Run
2. 1 x 10 – 12 of the Following Movements:  (8 Minute Cap)
  Wrist Circles
  Shoulder Circles
–  Across & Backs (Elbows go Back, Arms Cross Chest)
–  Hands on Hips, Back Flexion & Extension
–  Trunk Rotation
–  Thorasic Spine Opener with Lacrosse (or Tennis) Balls   (More than 10)
–  Hip Circles
  Samson Stretch (10 Seconds Each Side x 2)
–  Hold Bottom of Squat, Raise Hips with Straight Legs (Hold Each Position for 2 Seconds)
–  Slow and Controlled Squats with Plate in Front
3.  Skill Practice –  Hollow Position
We’ll Start the week Focusing on the Hollow Body Position.  Then we’ll move into Hollow Rocks.  Finally we’ll work on maintaining the Hollow Position primarily in Push-Ups and maybe some other basic gymnastics movements.

Brenny and I have a friend named Matt Whichlinski.   Look him up, he’s a badass dude.  He literally snatches over 135.. with one arm.
Anyways, during a recent seminar, he said something that made total sense to us.  It was something like  –
How can anyone expect to preform correct movement during fast, explosive, technical lifts before mastering the basics of moving their own body weight?
Learning the basics of gymnastics is step one and will prepare you for lifting beautifully and Heavy.

And when we say gymnastics, we don’t mean party tricks like the muscle-up.  We’re talking about positioning and strength building exercises that will translate into every single movement and lift that we do.  Once you learn how to control your body, then you can expect to move external objects with power and efficiency.

Pre-WOD Specific Mobility:
Hip Stretch Variations

Strength/Technique WOD:
Overhead Squat
5 x 5
3 Second PAUSE in the Bottom of the Squat

–  Use a Medium-ish weight that allows you to maintain control, depth and perfect movement throughout the full ROM.
–  There won’t be any rushed, questionable reps.

Conditioning WOD:
5 Minutes:
How many times can you sprint up and down the hill? 
OUCH!!!!  😉

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  1. Jared



    All felt solid. I used the clock to count my 3 seconds and I found that really helpful because it’s easy to shorten the time when you count on your own. Great job 6am!

  2. Vikram


    Great class. Awesome coaching. Can really feel progress.

    4 sprints & hollow rock practice. Love the stretching and class structure. We get a ton done!

    AVA keeps us all laughing…and in check. Life is good.

  3. Adam Van Auken

    95-100-100-100-105.25 (My outfit was heavier than Jared’s clothing.). 3-second hold really helped build confidence.
    WOD: 4 sprints up and down. We all sandbagged this, 6 AM. I think we are capable of 5 next time if we could see the clock.
    – The thoracic spine opener with the lacrosse ball was awesome for my tight upper back.

  4. amy edelman

    53, 53, 58, 63, 63

    Sprints 4: I agree with AVA, we all dogged it. We should have done much better. Next time!

  5. mcohen


    That was an amazing class from start to finish. TSpine and Hip warm ups were great. The practice in the bottom of the OHS and finally the hollow position.

    The weight will come on this lift, as long as the position continues to improve.

  6. kabset

    Great coaching and warmup, as always.

    85-95-95-95-95. The weight felt good and it was helpful to stay down deep for an extended period. Sprints: 4rds.

    My back’s still not at 100%, but it felt great just to be back at CFM.

  7. Amylynne

    73 (5) – 78 (4 x 5). felt good.

    burner at end: 4 + 3/4

    hate hill sprinting and tried to get out of this but brendan made me do it. POOP

  8. Adam Van Auken

    Dear All,

    I am posting this message on behalf and with the endorsement of the infamous 6 AM crew.

    We are excited about this Saturday’s throwdown and applaud the organizers for the idea. We also appreciate the work that went into organizing the competition. However, we believe a changed scoring system would promote greater motivation for most athletes. We propose a scoring system similar to the games/open/regionals where your score is based on your placing. So, for example, if you were in 12th place, you would receive 12 points. This can be done with both RXed and scaled competitors by using a multiplier of 2 for scaled competitors (or some other multiplier greater than 1). With this system, the team with the lowest total score would win. The problem with the current sytem is that it gives little motivation for any athlete who cannot finish in the top 3. If you finish fourth you contribute no more to your team than if you finish 45th.

    We hope and request that the organizers would consider this change.

    With Love and Honor,

    The 6 AM Crew

  9. EJ


    1) SATURDAY CFM Throwdown 9/29

    Team rosters are listed here

    If you cannot make it, please highlight your name in red.

    If I don’t have your email address, send me a message([email protected])

    Each team is responsible for electing a team captain,mascot, team color to wear for the event!

    2) 10% Discount @ LexCare Pharmacy (100th and Lex)

    Cheaper than CVS – mention you go to CF Metropolis and receive a discount

    3) Double Under Clinic – October 14

    If you missed our first clinic, don’t miss out! Eroc and I will be hosting a session during open gym to help you guys achieve your double unders or get your stringing them along more efficiently.

    4) Paleo Potluck – October 19

    Details coming soon! Everyone is invited

  10. Mike T

    Hey all,

    I’ll be moving to Hells Kitchen in the next few weeks and unfortunately with the craziness at work and the impending move, I won’t be able to continue working out at the most amazing Crossfit box in NYC.. aka Crossfit Metropolis! Just wanted to say thanks for welcoming me into your amazing community, teaching me about all things Crossfit, giving me some amazing & hearty laughs, & exposing me to some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever been through! I will def be continuing Crossfit once I get settled into my new hood, and I can only hope my next box will be half as good as Metropolis. You guys/gals are awesome and amazing ppl! Shout out to the 8:30pm class and all the amazing coaches. Allison and Brendan especially.. you two are amazing and you bring out the best in ppl. I’m lucky to have had the time to learn what I’ve learned under you. Fantastic coaching skills along with the rest of the Metropolis staff! Will def miss the late night WOD’s and goofing off with the evening crew! Thanks for everything and best of luck to everyone.


  11. ERIC S.

    5X5 #145
    Then worked on my 1 rep max for OHS
    220-1 P.R.
    225-1 FAIL
    I’ll take the 220, a year ago I was struggling with 115 lbs. It wasn’t my legs or shoulers that made the diference, it was getting my core stronger. So work on those hollow rocks and get on the ghd machine it will make all the difference. Sempre Fidelis

  12. lauren

    ***Halloween Competition***

    Our friends at Virtuosity are hosting a Trick or Treat Team Throwdown on October 27th. (To be followed by beer/treats, I believe)

    Teams are made up of TWO men and ONE woman. (Sass, Brandy… make of that what you will.) It looks like teams need judges, too.

    There will be scaling options, and prizes will be awarded for costumes as well as scores .

    If you’re interested, more info/signup here:

    If you have questions or if you sign up, email me at lauren dot emerson at gmail.

    In related news, I’m looking for two good men…

  13. kpo17

    Taking a rest after a grueling exam this morning. Read this a while back and thought it was super helpful so I thought I should share.

    CrossFit Cue of the Day:

    “Press the feet into the floor. This works well for first pull of the clean or snatch, deadlift, and even coming up out of the bottom of a squat, because it helps people stabilize the midline, and use the legs instead of using their back.”

    — Andrea Seward, CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff

  14. emmashoucair

    So, I ended up injuring myself (hurting my back) literally less than 20 minutes after the Injury Prevention seminar ended (yes). Today I went to see Dr Mike, and I wanted to share my experience here.
    When I showed up, he had me try to touch my toes, to get as far down as I could without serious pain. It was pretty sad. But by the end of the appointment, my reach had increased by about two inches and I did it totally pain-free.
    My particular injury is likely about a decade in the making, so I’m not fixed yet, but I wanted to let everyone know how impressed I am, right from the get-go.
    Mike is awesome.

  15. George

    5×5, 45/45/45/65/65. Man, my wrists held me back more than anything. Need to stretch those some more, I guess. + 3 hills.

  16. AllisonV

    5×5 = 30# (tried 35# on my first round and failed after 2 reps; wrists feeling very weak)

    Hill Sprints = 3.75 in 5 mins

  17. jen

    Since this is the only lift I have not made any measurable gains at all for in 2 years of CF, I have decided to go back to the beginning. This light weight felt really good today even stopping for 3 secs at the bottom, which i was never able to do without getting all wobbly.

    Really getting into this Paleo food week 2, and feeling good! This is promising.

  18. sassypants

    (Profita’s sexy hair walking back and forth in front of me made me fail my last rep of my last set, so I redid it facing the wall).

    3.75 hill sprints (my knee has been annoying me since CMC. too bad i was too hung over to meet dr. mike)

    Also, Allison. Could you give Clarky my number?

  19. EJ

    OHS went up in weight as I got more comfortable

    hill sprints -3.95 , had like 2 inches before i touched the line

  20. Brooke

    25# OHS (did 35 a bunch but right shoulder was so painful so i couldn’t do it for all the sets and wanted to stay low for many seconds on each rep)

    hill sprints (aka a 5 min. jog) – 2.6 (which is 1.6 more than i predicted)

  21. Rolf

    OHS 45,55,65,75,75…..went up 30# from last time I did OHS. And what I precisely determined to be 4 13/16 sprints. Couldn’t catch Shane at the end. Nice work.

    Something special happened in the 530 class today. It wasn’t a sub 3 min Fran…it wasn’t a guest appearance by Rich or Annie. Something better…..
    Mid way thru OHS Ariel, our resident mma fighter, casually mentioned that they reminded him of his old job… As Barney. Than what happened next will be retold for years come in the walls of CFM….he did Barney’s voice, he sang his songs, he danced. Allison laughed, grown men cried tears of joy. It was magical ..

  22. nprofita

    135(5), 155(5), 165(3, wrists failed), 155(5), 155(5)

    4 sprints.

    I’ve been doing my hair special for the gym all this time, finally someone has noticed.

  23. dlede

    same with the wrists, thats the issue!

    think my ocd got in the way tonight haha.. held for like 6 seconds according to sandy.. felt strong though

  24. Nico

    Training at the Crossfit Gym in Toulouse, France

    3 front squats at 43 kg (94.8 lbs) on the minute for 10 minutes

    21 x 15 x 9 Thruster, Pull-up
    Fran at 43 kg (94.8 lbs) in 9’30”