Open Gym, 17MAY18


Open Gym, 17MAY18


In case you missed it last time around, here’s the invite link for book club!

We had a great meeting this past month, discussing “When they call you a terrorist” by Patrisse Khan Cullors.

Metropolis Fitness – Open Gym

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Custom Workout (Weight)

It’s open gym, work on your weaknesses, or make up work that you’ve missed.

Record your weight to share your work to the day’s whiteboard.

2 Responses

  1. BAston

    Front Squat: 5-5-5-3-3-3


    Did some ring MU’s in between each set.

    3 sets of 20 GHD’s

  2. johanna

    Bench: 33(10)-55(5)-95(3) OOPS- 75(5)- 85(3)-90(3)-95(3)- 100(3)- 105(3)-110(3)-115(3)

    Death by Pistols with Jason (started with 1 right + 1 left):
    9+8 (4 each)
    98 pistols, probably not the brightest idea……