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  1. BAston

    14:24 @ 85# & 1 1/2 pood. Could not get my hips warmed up at all today, and scared about the 15 mile run I’m about to do. If I survive this, I’ll post my time. FML.

  2. mcohen

    Saturday. It must mean working on my oly lifting. Cleans from the ground and mid hang. 115 lbs 3 squat cleans on the minute for 9 minutes.

  3. Rolf

    14:38 RX. Worked on a tighter, closer stance during the swings. Made it harder today but will make a difference in the long run.

  4. Carducci

    10:04 Rx

    I wanted to stop so bad but Drill Sergeant Brendan would not let me. Thanks for the push you earned those stripes on your shirt today.

  5. BAston

    Ran 6 and stopped, should not have done the wod and attempt to run.

    For those interested, some of us are going to Baker Street at 1pm for NFL and non Arsenal football (Real Madrid v. Barca). Come on out! 63rd & 1st. Go sports!!

  6. EJ

    Movie night TONIGHT – Murph the Protector

    Tickets are still available at the box office. Email me if you’re going ([email protected])

    Also, in conjunction with the Commissioning Ceremony of the USS Michael Murphy on October 6th, 2012, there will be multiple military flyovers, parachute jumps, and ceremonial gun salutes in the area of the Hudson River (Pier 88 at West 48th Street, MN) throughout the weekend (10/5-10/6)

    Short clip about the USS Murph

  7. Joe

    15:44 @105# front squats
    alternate grip knees to elbows – PUMPED about this!!!
    24kg KB swings

    Improvements in shoulder continue so very happy there. Check my Facebook page for what happens when you don’t hang form a bar for months and then you chalk up and try it. OUCH!

  8. Adam Van Auken

    10:58 rx’d. Pre-WOD, I thought I knew exactly what I was capable of and how to tackle this.
    Thrusters – The plan was not to drop the bar. I barely achieved this and was stoked. I did have to rest in the front squat very briefly at the end of round 2 and 3 so I guess it wasn’t technically unbroken. I really focosed on form and efficiency.
    K2E – Round 1 – Unbroken but slow. I used this as a rest. Round 2 – Maybe took 3 sets. I was exhausted. 3 – 2 sets.
    KBS – Round 1 – 11 and 10 according to plan. 2 – Took 3 sets. This is the the place to improve. My plan was to do 8 and 7 here.
    Round 3 – Unbroken thanks to Shane’s cheering.

    I rested quite a bit before thrusters and even sat down. I’m not sure if I can rest less and get the thrusters without dropping the bar. I was blown away by how fast Brendan and EROC were moving.

  9. ERIC S.

    7:25 rx’d. Pre-Wod I was thinking what is Ava going to say in blog today.

    During the WOD I was thinking damn Brendan isn’t slowing down I don’t know how I’m going to catch him.

    Post-wod I thought let me get in Maralina, Phillip, & K-po’s face and push them through this last round of 9.

    Time for brunch!

  10. Alicia

    14:58 and felt shitty
    65#, knees up, started with 1.5 pood and dropped to 1
    Felt awful the whole time. Thrusters are the worst

  11. Nico

    12:49 @105# for Thrusters
    24kg KB swings

    Should have gone with 32kg KB. Will know for next time. Need to start working out with 32kg KB from now on.