Question for you guys!…


Question for you guys!…

CFM crew that went to see the Murph movie.
How was it you guys?  Reviews??

Pre WOD:
5 Minute Plank Hold

Skill Work:
Snatch Practice

Strength WOD:
Take 15-20 Minutes to work up to a new 3 RM Deadlift

Click Here for the last time we did a 1RM Deadlift. 
Try to make your 1RM your new 3RM.

Just curious….  If you could see anything added to the gym (within reason) what would it be???

An extra chalk bucket, agility ladders, sledgehammers for tire swings?

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  1. vicnord

    I’d love to have additional open gym time to practice Olympic lifts, do mobility or skill work.
    Family activities usually interfere w/Sunday open gym time for me. Today for example, we are headed to Shawnee mountain PA for The Lumberjack Festival. And yes, it is as fun as it sounds!!

  2. jmiz


    – Leaderboards around the gym
    – Wall ball target lines (do we already have these?)
    – A water fountain / water bottles (I think EJ told me you guys were working on this)

    Will continue to think of stuff…

  3. EJ

    All class times remain the same!

    @JMiz – leaderboard and targets coming soon. Will get those in place within the next week or so.

  4. dlede

    Staten Island half marathon with brian and lauren. Awesome times
    Sad to miss courtney!

    7:44 pace
    Definite pr

  5. Amylynne

    12 min amrap of 15 bench press at 95, 10 dead hang pullups

    No idea how many rds. I think I almost finished 5 but it could have been 1 less.

    Then 50 hspus for time with Ej. 6:37. First 10 strict then kipping the rest.

  6. jmiz

    Five rounds of 3 min Amrap/1 min rest b/w
    3 Power Cleans 135#
    5 Pushups
    7 Air squats

    4/4/3/3/4+1 PC. Think that’s a PR by the 1 PC.

  7. jmiz

    @AllisonNYC – The dog groomer was driving so she couldn’t pick up the phone. Her number is +19173962768.

    @EJ – awesome

    @Zahra – thank you so much for staying and counting for me!

    3 posts and I’m out.

  8. Jason Castro

    Deadlift 3 rep max 365 lbs.
    Failed at 400 for 1 rep. Awesome job Jared, BEAST
    10 Rounds of 2 muscle ups and 3 HSPU comp style.
    12 min AMRAP 10 strict pull ups. 15 bench press at 135lbs with EROC, KPO and ROLF
    4 Rounds + 17 reps
    Great Sunday

  9. amy edelman

    First time working on a max. Worked up to 215 on 3rep max. Maybe could have done more but did a lot of reps before finding my max

    Open gym: kind of did a lot of everything with Paige. We had a game plan of rowing, pull ups & double under practice. Added ring rows, bench press, Turkish get ups, handstands. Did I miss anything Paige?? 🙂

  10. kpo17


    OHS sets of 3

    13:14 Min Amrap
    10 dead hang pullups
    15 bench press 115 lbs
    5 rds

    6 mins, 30s on/off
    Go for max consecutive double unders
    Averaged about 25, got 32 on the last set

    I want an oly specific WOD. Sunday mornings? Friday at 7:30pm?
    10 min warmup and mobility
    30 minutes skill work.
    20 min WOD: like 3 cleans on the minute for 20 mins. I need the skill work and the reps. Get it.

    Also, new clips for the bars and metropolis flat brims. And can we do barbells for boobs?

  11. AllisonNYC

    Thanks for the equipment suggestions, guys and girls 🙂 I would love to see some agility ladders.. It would be great to do some footwork drills.

    Rachel, we actually have a sled in the back.. We never use it because we only have one so obviously we can’t incorporate it into group WODs.. But you’re welcome to use it during open gym. Go for it, girl!

    Same as the tire & sledge hammer, Jason! It’s back there and you’re welcome to it. Everyone does regular stuff during open gym, but I think a tire flip, jump through, sledge hammer swing workout would be kick ass!

    Kevin, we won’t be getting new clips any time soon since we have so many.. but the ones we do have need to be treated with care so they continue to last for us. 🙂

    They’re 4o dollars a pair, so I’m sure you guys can understand why we hate seeing them being thrown in the bin open or from far away!

  12. Eric Strauss

    I’d love to see a sauna and steam room =)

    In all seriousness tho…

    1. a water cooler/water fountain.

    2. open gym and specialty clinics on Saturdays – I work every Sunday and can never make these events. =(

    3. More of “the good” jump ropes. The flimsy wire ones seem hard to use.

  13. AllisonNYC

    Oh Yeah! The wall ball targets are going up! Eric, EJ & Ash were putting the girls targets up and I think the guys targets will be finished this week 🙂

    E, EJ is selling jump ropes! They’re affordable and it’s one piece of equipment that’s better to own than share. You can make it to your perfect size and be sure that it won’t get knotted and screwed up like the shared ones. I think she may have one or two left.. BUT there’s one kind at the gym that has really comfortable handles. I think it’s RX brand or something. You might like that one because it’s a little heavier and has great spin.

    I think EJ’s Kelly is getting us a mini fridge so we might see how it goes to sell waters.

  14. EJ

    Hey guys,

    @Barbells for Boobs – find a participating affiliate. I believe CF LIC is participating on 10/27

    @Trick or Treat event at CF Virtuosity is also on 10/27

    @Eric – nothing beats investing in your own jump rope. With ropes, one size DOES NOT fit all and neither does the weight of the actual rope. Check out Jasen tried one of Marilina’s rope and he finally was able to string a whole bunch together.

    WOD with Amylynne
    12 Min AMRAP – which I just did as strength work. So didn’t keep track of rounds

    50 HSPUs for time – I think 11:17

  15. Rolf

    OHS 5×3 45, 65,85, 95, 95.

    12 min amrap with the guys
    10 pull ups 15 bench press
    135# bench did 5 rounds + 10 pull ups and 6 bench press

    @jason Castro. Let’s play with that sledge hammer!!!!

    Thanks for the push today Eroc. And thanks EJ for the WOD idea and fixing my OHS!!

  16. sallys

    Got back too late from a short trip to PA so did this one on my own. I’m still uncertain of the form for snatches so I did DB snatches instead.

    DB snatch (each side)
    30×5, 35×5, 40×5, 45×3, 50, 55 (got it up on the right side, failed on the left)

    DL 185×3. Could have gone higher but probably not without my back rounding on the 2nd or 3rd rep.

  17. Nico

    Thanks Ej for organizing the Murph movie! It was a great documentary and a good time with CFM peeps.

    After watching the documentary, I had to try the Murph workout…my version was a little modified though.

    2.2 miles run from my apt to the gym(~19 minutes)
    100 pull ups
    200 push ups
    300 squats

    I thought you had to do the entire 100 pull ups before moving on to the push ups but was starting to take too much rest so after 50 pull ups started to alternate pull ups and push ups

    Time to complete workout: 59’33”

    Could have completed the workout faster if I alternated the push ups and pull ups right away.

  18. Brooke

    5k row : 23:14

    Had some head phone issues, petted a dog and Amylynne bailed on me so I think I could shave off a minute.

    AmyLynne you are on punishment!