Remember to E-Mail [email protected] if You Want To Go to the Murph Movie Saturday Night and/or Double Under Clinic on Sunday!


Remember to E-Mail [email protected] if You Want To Go to the Murph Movie Saturday Night and/or Double Under Clinic on Sunday!

A little piece of Heaven on Earth.

5K Row

If you can’t make it in today, Run 5K
You can click the link to use Map My Run to find or create a route near you.

Cash Out:
Paleo Challenge Workout:
In 5 Minutes:
Max Double Unders
3 Burpee Penalty for Each Break

(I don’t know if the Burpees are done right when you trip up, or if they’re all done together after the 5 Minutes is up.  Maybe Jenn can clarify in the comments.)

Scaled Version:
100 Singles
In the remaining time accumulate max burpees

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  1. jen

    For Rx: “Every time an athlete breaks, the double unders stop until the athlete completes 3 burpees. The clock NEVER stops until 5 minutes are up. Once he or she completes their Burpees, the AMRAP resumes until the 5 minutes are over. The athlete’s score will be the number of Double Unders completed. The clock starts with the Athlete holding the jump rope.

    ***The Scaled is actually as follows: “In Performance WOD 1, each athlete has five minutes to complete 100 Single Unders. With any remaining time, the athlete must complete as many reps as possible of Burpees. The athlete’s score will be number of Burpees completed. The clock starts with the Athlete holding the jump rope”

  2. Vikram

    21:16 – a tad disappointed, but it’s been a long week.

    Great vibe. Thanks to AVA and KPO for pushing me.

  3. BAston

    22:07….. It sucks being short and having to row that far. Thanks to young KPO for being in my ear for the last 500m and reminding me to maximize my glutes. Easily the fasted part of the row for me.

    164 for the nutrition wod. Sets of 30-35, then sets of 5 or so mixed in. I had nothing after the row.

  4. Jared

    20:54 row. That was a great workout, I have no idea why I was complaining before it.

    Welcome to the 6am crew, Brad! Your performance was inspiring.

    Great energy this morning!

  5. mcohen


    I would love to see Big Brian, Kpo and DT go all at it on this one.

    This blog would be totally remiss if we did not give props to Megan. 10 guys standing around yelling at you with you giving it all that you had. I was inspired by you. Thanks.

    And can I have a Brett on 3. 3-2-1 Brett.

    Have a good weekend everyone

  6. Adam Van Auken

    20:17. Holy sandbag, Batman! At least I beat the Joker. I’m pretty sure we can all do better. I wasn’t sure how to pace myself on this. I was thinking 2 min/500m but I was letting that creep up. Then I kicked it up the last 600m or so but had too much left in the tank. Next time, I’ll make sure those 500m splits stay just under 2 and crank up the Batmobile for the last 500m.

    Great programming this morning as my muscles felt like Robin’s tights pre-WOD.

    Brett – great to have you join the 6 AM crew this morning! Please join us again. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

  7. Vikram

    Oh my God!

    I have been living for this day. I outdid EJ in a WOD. I think I just shed a tear.

    Sure she’s awesome, stronger, more flexible and probably a better human being – but let me enjoy this.

    A small victory for skinny desk nerds everywhere.

  8. BAston

    I still don’t really know, but I learned once I got into the shower afterwards that I tore my left glute open due to my maximization efforts. There are days when I am convinced my neighbors believe I am into S&M with my shower screams.

  9. Amylynne

    have not hydrated well today(first sip of water a minute ago) so will have to make this lovely wod up another time.

    deadlift work
    worked up the a 5RM of 168 (previous 1 RM was 165 and very hard)
    then…wait for it…
    new 1 RM: 193


  10. phillipc

    Hmmmm tempted to come have a crack at KPO’s time…highly unlikely to make it but should be in the 19’s.

    p.s. Found out I’m gonna be an Uncle, possibly on the same day as my 30th bday next year (due 1 day before). Happy times.

  11. Melanie

    22:51 @ globo gym.. Was aiming for under 22:30 but lost focus a few times. Next time!

    Agree with V.. Loved the pics the past two days! And congrats Phillip!

  12. Brooke

    Strangely, I’m intrigued by the 5K row. Will try to make it in tonight but might have to do it on sunday….Dr. Frankel, want to join?

  13. Alicia

    if you can’t make the movie, but want to learn more about Murph, there are 2 great books out there that I highly recommend:

    “Seal of Honor” – mostly about Murph & Operation Red Wing

    “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell – he’s the only surviving member of Operation Red Wing

  14. Brett

    If you have been reading blog posts today, you would know by now that I went to the 6:00 AM class this morning. Below is just my attempt to put a funny take on what class was like. I know sometimes people don’t get my humor, or think maybe it is mean-spirited, but I truly don’t mean to offend anyone I poked fun at here, nor do I dislike them. In fact, it is quite the opposite. That being said, here goes….

    So I was off from work yesterday, and a buddy of mine who isn’t working suggested a liquid lunch, and with minimal arm twisting, I was coerced into joining him. Napped from 7-9 and was back out until about 2:00, at which point I checked emails and found out a friends dad had passed away and the funeral was today at 10:00 in Toms River, NJ.

    Knowing that I would not be able to work out later today or tomorrow, and being in a bit of an alcohol stupor, I made the stupid decision to set my alarm for 5:00 to catch the 6:00 AM crossfit class. You know, the class I have a tendency to tease every now and then.

    I was startled awake by the alarm, and quickly realized that I was still somewhat drunk. I was sorely tempted to go back to sleep, but I really wanted to get in a workout. Knowing it was v-neck Friday, I prepared by putting on my normal white sleeveless t. And having never been to the 6:00 AM class before, and having no real idea of how my presence would be received, I prepared myself by eating an apple.

    Half way up 100th street, still about 100 yards from the gym I began to hear the voices of people yelling over one another. As I walked in, the crew was all in the midst of doing jumping jacks, and I heard someone bellow out “holy shit, is that Brett?”

    They stopped doing jumping jacks and all greeted me. Big Mike came over with a big smile and shook my hand. Brian, KPO, Jared, Dave, either high fived, waved, or acknowledged me in some fashion.

    Then something very disturbing happened. Vikram, in a V-neck down to his navel, decided he needed to hug it out with me. And I quickly came to realize that said v-neck was drenched with sweat, as was the wad of chest hairs above the sunken v. It was not a pleasant experience. I was tempted to go to the local precinct to report this as a sexual crime, or get swabbed at my doctors’ office after class, but did neither. And honestly Vikram, did your wife know you left your apartment dressed like that? Vicky, you live in his building. Have you ever witnessed this?

    We went back to warming up after this traumatic experience. Then AVA came in with a shirt that said “the dark knight rises at 6:00 AM” and got cheers from everyone. Back to warm ups, at which point the second disturbing experience occurred. During the shoulder twists KPO and AVA faced each other, gazed lovingly into each others eyes, and performed some sort of arm wave/pacman dance that looked far more like Phil Jackson than Michael Jackson. It was painful to watch. I would not want either of them to be my wingman at a club, unless the other girl danced like Elaine on Seinfeld.

    And poor coach Lolo. This woman deserves combat pay. Trying to control this heavily caffeinated and highly competitive collection of egos is no easy chore. There were 8 people talking at the same time as she tried to give instruction. A substitute kindergarten teacher has students with longer attention spans than this crew. Instead of having caffeine coursing through their veins, I think Lolo should be licensed to give them all Rydalin.

    So next was the 5k row. I sat between Brian and Jared, and witnessed disturbing moment number 3. I know that Jared tracks his workouts every day. He tracks the weight he uses. He tracks the time. He tracks every rep. He tracks what everyone else does. But I’m sorry, tracking Brian’s bowel movements is a bit too much. I kid you not. Brian went to the bathroom and when he came back, Jared said he must have dropped a deuce because that is when Brian usually does it. And Brian explained that Jared knows when he needs to go before he does. Jared needs help.

    So Adam throws on his tunes, and we begin rowing away. Everyone was silent as each competitor was trying to beat the others. I decided to yell out “2,500” when I was halfway there, seeing if I would get some reaction and banter between people yelling how far they had gotten, but got no response. They were all 2 focused. Then I was greeted by disturbing moment number 4. From my left came a noise that I last heard on Animal Planet as emanating from a Hippopotamus in heat. I heard dogs outside howling in response. What was this noise? It was a constipated KPO moaning out his last 10 pulls on the rowing machine. I think he dropped a testicle in the process, but he is a doctor, and can address it.

    I finished in 20:59, 5 seconds behind a gloating Jared who admitted that he glanced at my display screen 30 times during the row because he didn’t want to lose to me. I admitted not even thinking about glancing at his. Then after the guys all finished, poor Megan had to endure 9 screaming lunatics who somehow thought that the sound decibels of their voices could make the rpm’s on the display move quicker. She may need counseling after the experience.

    All kidding aside, it was a really fun morning with a group of energetic people that truly like each other, encourage each other, and love crossfit. Not sure I will be doing it again soon, as it is way too early for me to be surrounded by so much energy. But everybody really made me feel welcome, and it was great to experience it first hand.

  15. Amylynne

    OHS 75#


    Last time I did this I did it with 65#, and only got through to round of 4 with C2B and then did reg pullups)

  16. Rachel

    1st Time Blogger Alert! 🙂


    First time rowing 5,000M – started out too slow, but now I know for next time!

  17. jmiz

    20:51.9 – at crappy apt rower. Fell off rower, spilled water all over myself, lost ipod three times and all together spazzed out. Hope my kid doesn’t inherit this.

    Jump rope / burpees tomorrow.

  18. Rolf

    18:33. Had a bet with Brian yesterday. Loser of today’s wod had to buy the winner a beer tomorrow… Not gonna lie.. Im 6’3” so was pretty psyched when the 5k row appeared.

    Du’s 70 and i really think I did more burpees than du’s. so that sucked.

  19. EJ

    time of the day

    Ariel @ 18:00.. since he doesn’t post I thought I’d throw it out there

    oh and for DUs he did 252!

    Ok we need to get him on the blog.

  20. TC

    Never excited to see rowing in a WOD but kinda pissed I missed this bc I have been rowing a lot.

    Have to make it up soon

  21. jen

    24:30 Goal was under 25 so I’m about as happy as I’m going to be about that.

    Tried to best my DU’s from last night, but calf cramp halted that – thanks Eroc for saving me! Good news is I got PR on consecutive DU’s at 62 before the cramp.
    last night DU’s = 180.

    @Baby Thunder: get a rope!

  22. marilina

    I hate rowing because I feel like my short legs don’t get me anywhere.
    Tried to stay steady and get in sub 25. 24:28

    DUs: 213
    First time I liked burpees, which I took as rest time.