Sat, 7/6 – CF For Hope WOD @10AM (Only Class Today; Regular Open Gym)


Sat, 7/6 – CF For Hope WOD @10AM (Only Class Today; Regular Open Gym)

Let’s Follow in Rich’s footsteps and help lift up these deserving kids!

CrossFit For Hope WOD:
3 Rounds For Total Reps; 1 Minute at Each Station:
Power Snatch,  75lbs
Box Jump,  24″
Thruster,  75lbs
Chest to Bar Pull-Up

“Hope For Cures” Official Site
Hope For Cures: A Lesson to Be Learned
Click Here to Donate – CFMers Raising Money: Alicia, Jessica Yu, Patrick S. & Amanda Z.

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  1. Kat

    CrossFit New Bedford, New Bedford, MA (my hometown!)

    Warmup: 600m run, 20 push-ups, 30 burpees

    4 rounds, 1 minute work, 30 seconds rest
    Ball slam, 15#: 69
    KB strict press, 20#: 60
    Row max calories, resistance 10: 42
    Wall balls, 10#: 63
    Sand bag clean, 30#: 45

  2. lauren

    Good luck, CrossFit for Hopers!!!

    9:30 tomorrow morning. Meet at 79th and 5th. All CFMers welcome! Hydrate. Wear sunscreen. Send questions to me: [email protected].

  3. TC

    3 skin the cats
    21 v-ups
    3 STC
    15 v-ups
    3 STC
    9 v-ups

    work up to a heavy snatch single:
    170 lbs, failed at 180 a few times

    3 RDS NFT
    10 muscle sntaches 75 lbs
    15 T2B

  4. Alicia

    159, 55# snatches & thrusters, Kipping pull-ups not c2b

    Thanks again to everyone who donated. Great wod this am 🙂

  5. zompetti

    173 reps with 55# and jumping to negative C2B

    Killer WOD and for a great cause! All of us get to work out, but those little kids that can’t even walk down the hospital hall need all the help we can give them!

  6. jmiz

    Shoulder killing me. Uch.

    CrossFit Hamptons
    For time
    800M run
    75 KB swings
    400M run
    60 Wall Ball Shots
    200M run
    45 Pullups


  7. Joe

    168 reps Rx’d

    Congrats to all that raised money for a great cause.

    Go to see the Proprietor too!!!

  8. EJ

    Thank you to everyone who participated, raised money and donated to Crossfit for Hope.

    CFM has raised $1,646.00 – of that total, we had 5 members who had pledged to raise monies. HUGE thank you to Patrick Schmitt, Jessica Yu, Alicia Mazurek and Amanda Zompetti for taking the time to fundraise.

    Right now, CFM is 48 on the leaderboard in terms of money raised! Let’s see if we can get that to change.

    Click the link in the blog post and search Crossfit Metropolis.

  9. Rachel

    190 Reps
    Power Snatch @ 22#
    Step Ups to 20″ Box
    Thruster @ 45#
    Jumping Pull Ups

    Great workout for a great cause!

  10. Darcy

    182 reps
    Power snatch @22#
    Step ups
    Thrusters @55#
    Jumping pull ups
    Thanks for the push Mel!!

    Great workout and for a great cause!!

  11. Nicole

    Really wanted to, but wasn’t able to make it to CFM’s 10am given sick family, but i did Hope at at EVF around the corner.

    199 reps at 45# snatches and thrusters.

    Actually did some C2B pullups in there, altho most were regular pullups. frigging hand tear again! Ugh!

  12. Ang


    Jumping pullups
    55# thrusters & snatches

    Great to be a part of this! Thanks for putting this together, EJ!

  13. Meredith


    Four rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    24 Back squat (185/135)
    24 Jerk (135/95)

    45:03 w/ 95# squat & 75# jerk
    This was a beast!!

  14. BAston

    Open gym

    Box Squats: 95(7), 95(7), 105(5), 105(5), 110(3) 115(3). Slow & low.
    Weighted Lunges: 95(10), 105(10), 115(10)
    30 GHD’s
    5×3 strict pull ups with weight vest

    Back side will be sore tomorrow.

  15. Alicia

    Open gym
    C&J singles: warmup at 45-75-95
    Figured I wasn’t going to PR today, but didn’t expect to be so far off either

    Tabata wall balls: 6
    Tabata DUs: 13

  16. Melissa T.

    Great job to all the AM hopers!

    Open gym –
    Back squats: 5×5 @ 123#

    Power clean practice @ 73#

    Metcon: 2 rounds (5 min each) of:
    750m row
    Wall balls 14# in remaining time ~somewhere between 25-30 total

    Cash out: 21 T2B

  17. Tapout

    Hope WOD
    Jumping pullups
    55# thrusters & snatches

    Thanks Amanda for the push(es). And to all for raising $ for the cause!

  18. PJ

    *BSx5: 155-165-175-185-155. Did at globo in front of a mirror which really screwed w form; kept looking up and actually felt that pull knees fwd. another reason to stay at box.
    *Light OHS
    * hollows, shrugs and dips

  19. Carmen

    212 reps
    22# snatch/45# thruster/ jumping C2B from grey box to high bar/ step up to 20″ box (with jazzercise styling moves)

    Great job fund raisers. Thx to EJ for making it happen.