Air Force WOD:
20 Thrusters
20 Hang Power Cleans
20 OHS
START with 3 Burpees & Every Minute on the Minute, Stop & do 3 More


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  1. jen

    I knew this awesome community would not disappoint! We now have 20 participants with a couple more about to sign up for the paleo challenge!
    @500 affiliates are represented, but only 15% have 20+ signed up, so we have an awesome shot at the grand prize with this great group of people!!
    There’s still time to join in the fun!!
    Challenge starts Monday!

  2. francesco

    I totally would sign up Jen but without pasta and olive oil and cheese I think I’d enter a depression! Good luck to all those signed up and rock out and represent CFM!

  3. Julesnextdoor

    15:49 at 35# for 1st three exercises, 15# for OHS. Awesome workout with my 8:30 buddies Gus and 2 Brians, great coaching by Brendan.

  4. mcohen

    Great end to a fun week of training.

    Clean work. Sets of I clean from the hang, 1 from the knees and 1 from the floor with a push jerk on every rep. All @ 115 lbs.
    Must have done 10 sets.

  5. amy edelman

    Crossfit Killfit in the dirty Jerz.

    20 min Amrap
    5 HSPUs – modified to box
    10 KB snatch (5L/5R) 16kg KB
    15 box jumps 20in

    10rounds + 22

    Lots of positive comments from killfit coaches so THANKS to CFM coaches! You guys are truly awesome! Visiting another box make me love CFM even more!

  6. Rolf

    Thanks to crossfit killfit in belmar for havin us. Today’s wod 20 min amrap: 5 hspu/ 5L/5R kb snatch-24kg/ 15 24″ box jumps. Did 9+5 rx. Props to all the coaches at cfm. Amy and i both got plenty of comments on our “excellent form”. Crushed the hspu’s. The extra work on them this week paid off. The only disappoIntment… I expected more hair gel.

  7. GusFerg

    @BBoy – this morning was a beast!
    @Jen – all signed up and ready for for diet of my existence, nervously excited!
    12:32 75lbs with a smily face on the OHS!
    Have a great weekend, see some of you tomorrow…

  8. Joe

    Thanks for letting me get a workout in Brendan… another week of doing no upper body.

    3 rounds:
    400 meter run
    15 walking lunges
    20 weighted sit-ups with 45# plate
    25 air squats


  9. Vikram

    That was awesome, LB. You were great.

    So good to be back after a week of work travel. I’ve been bad on the diet and WODs. But back at it…

    8:39 – but super light. 65 and just 45 on OHS. Need to step it up on the weight. Trying to bulk up a bit again, this time naturally and on the zone.

    Nothing but love, CFM. Great to see new faces…

  10. Melanie

    12:52 @ 58lbs

    A lot of time killed mentally preparing myself to get the bar back overhead for the OHS

    Great Saturday class!

  11. BAston

    8:53 at 85#. Sumo’s were a shit fest. In talking with AVA, it’s time I up my thrusters to 95# and just fight through it. I could have done this rx’d. Awesome job to the 11:30 crew! Great job to LB too!

    No worries V, next time.

  12. sallys

    53#, 8:59

    I think I could have done this Rx’d, but it would have taken me twice as long.

    Good to be back after 5 days of an icky cold/slacking. Excited to start this paleo challenge in earnest.

  13. Adam Van Auken

    9:00 rx’d. The incorporation of burpees into this WOD is genius because it punishes you for resting. My plan was to rest a little after the burpees. Here’s how this went down for me.
    Thrusters – Unbroken in first minute. I had to keep a quick pace but it was not a problem.
    HPC – I think I may have gotten all of these in minute 2 (12+8). Either that or I had most done.
    SDLHP – 95 is hard for me. I forget how many I did round 1 but I think I took 3 sets and 2 minutes so now I’m at minute 4. I’m happy with this so far.
    OHS – Disaster. At this point I was exhausted and I think it took me 5 sets (and 5 minutes). I was resting until at least 30 seconds before even starting each set. Next time, I’m shooting for 3 minutes on thrusters no matter how many sets I need. Ideally, 7-6-7.

  14. BAston

    Forgot to mention…. The quote of the day from Alex Snape:

    Me: What was the worst part?
    Alex: Everything!

    Well done my friend.

  15. dcasey

    15:00 rx – there were at least 2 OHS I’m not particularly proud of and probably should have no repped…

    I need to work on being in better shape

  16. LB

    14:54 rx’d

    Appreciated all the encouragement at the end peeps and Amylynne screaming in my face “pick up the fucking barbell LB!”

  17. Alicia

    Pump Games
    30 back squats from ground @ 95
    40 pump situps
    300m shuttle run
    40 pump situps
    30 back squats from ground @ 95
    14 min cap, 10:15

    Floater WOD: max bench press in 1 min, rest 15 sec, max burpees, pullups, chest to bar or muscle ups in 1 min
    Bench: 31 @ 65, 17 burpees

    WOD 2: in 8 mins: 1000m row @ 10 damper setting, then establish 1 rep max in c&j, tie breaker with double unders
    Row: 4:07, 115 c&j, 19 DUS

    Congrats to Gymbelle for PRing her clean & c2b pullups!!’ 🙂

  18. ERIC S.

    Endurance WOD
    Meeting at 86th and Lexington @ 9am OR meet us at the track around 920am
    Buy In
    400 x 2 with 2-3 minutes recovery
    Then 3 person team wod
    Athlete one holds the plank
    Athlete two performs burpees
    Athlete three sprints around the track
    *tally the total number of burpees for the team
    *This is a 10 min AMRAP

    Handstand walk practice
    See you guys tomorrow
    [email protected]

  19. Vikram

    Phillip…Aston – hanging my head in shame after the Madrid loss today. It’s going to be a tough season. Champions first round going to be one for the ages…