These 3 Rounds For Time:
400m Run
21 – 15 – 9  KBS   24/72
21 – 15 – 9  C2B Pull-Ups
21 – 15 – 9  Thrusters  65/95

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  1. Brooke

    Good morning all you Metropolizers!

    Metropolis is turning 3!!!!

    We are celebrating with a party and marathon cheering on Sunday, November 4th starting at noon.

    We have 4 people running the marathon (Brian S, Brian A, Dave L, and Gus). We will be cheering them on from 5th ave around 100th st.

    We will be getting Dinosaur BBQ catering for lunch and are asking for only $20 per person. Please give your contributions to any of the coaches or me by Friday, October 19th!!!

    Friends and family are welcome!

  2. TC


    Used 24 kg on the swings. Have to step my game up and go for the big boy next time.

    C2B pull ups and thrusters at 95lbs felt strong.

  3. Joe

    3 rounds – 21/15/9
    400 meter run
    KB swings – @24kg
    C2B pullups – Sub dead hang/small kip – woohoo
    Thrusters – @65# –

    Thanks coaches for helping me heal by modifying my workouts for the last 3+ months. Although I’m weak and will be taking it slow, looks like I’m back to it all.

    Tommy, Jeff, Ed and Rachel – had a good time with you guys today!

    UES spitter on 3!

  4. Vikram


    75# thrusters, 24 kg KBs

    Really feeling the progress from our awesome coaching (and community). SO GRATEFUL.

    Might start trying to group in weight soon. Let’s see…

  5. EJ


    Post your WODs guys!!


    I’m sure there will be more than 13 of you coming to feast and drink. Don’t forget to bring in your contribution or we’ll just have some apples 🙂 haha

  6. Rachel

    16kg – KB
    53lbs – Thrusters

    Thanks to everyone for getting me through the end! Could have been at least 5 seconds faster if I didn’t hit my chin with the barbell in the middle of the last round of Thrusters! 🙂

  7. Adam Van Auken

    18:22 rx’d.
    Runs – The plan was to rest during these. I finished the first round in front as my peers seemed to have the same idea. I walked the beginning and end of round 2 and 3 (uphill parts) as I felt horrible.
    KBs – I was going to break these up but 2 pood felt good so I did them unbroken.
    C2B – Round 1 I did 10-6-5. I thought I was moving quickly but then saw jtisa hit the thrusters before me! He is a pull-up machine! I learned after the WOD that he was doing sets of 5 fast. I’ll try 6-5-5-5 next time with less rest. Round 2 was a no-brainer 5-5-5 and round three was 4-3-2 which I think was smart since I tried very short rests.
    Thrusters – Jared, I believe you were being genuine when you suggested doing these unbroken but you are confusing me with someone with knuckle tattoos. This was not happening. Round 1: 12-9. Round 2: 9 – 6. Round 3: Unbroken.

    I must admit that knowing Jared’s time improved my score.

  8. dlede

    7x800m sprints with 2 min rest
    Averaged about 3min each

    In Syracuse so also did this in 30 degree temps. Still coughing now. Good times.

  9. sallys

    3 rounds – 21/15/9
    20kg/jumping pull ups/ 65# thrusters

    The kb swings were easy peazy – did them all unbroken. I will get the 24kg soon.

    Thrusters were rough today for some reason.

  10. jmiz

    23 flat w/lots of scaling. Missed gym all week due to cold and shoulder not feeling great (notes to self for next time!)

  11. kpo17


    26:59 at 95lb thrusters and 1.5 pood kbs. I did the thrusters paul bunyan style – split. them up. Thanks to the whole 11:30 crew for the push at the end.

  12. kpo17

    love this

    CrossFit Cue of the Day:

    For traditional kipping pull-ups, to ensure the shoulder isn’t internally rotated at the shoulder open position: “Pretend you are painting two parallel straight lines on the roof.”

  13. Amylynne

    Hotel wod:

    100 thrusters with 20lb dumbells
    Every min do 5 burpees


    Then tabata situps (only 12), pushups (9)

    Then 2 min plank hold