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  1. EJ


    JANUARY 2013

    *45 Day Nutrition Challenge (January 21 through March 8)

    It’s coming! We’ll be hosting an in house nutrition challenge. Dial into your eating habits and start getting ready for the CF Open in March. Nutrition Seminar with Brendan in the beginning of January. Date is TBC. Nutrition Challenge to begin January 21

    Do you have a yelp account? Help spread the love about what a gem our gym is and post up a testimonial.

    *COMPETITION – FrostBite at CF LIC, Sponsored by the Garage Games

    Want to light a fire under yourself to get your training back on track? Consider participating at the Frostbite at CF LIC.

    *January Appointments – DR. MIKE

    Please note that Dr. Mike will now be taking insurance. Please read the information on the sign up page thoroughly before you book your slots. He will be at Metropolis on January 4, 11 and 25.


    some ideas if you’re on the road and can’t get to a CF gym

    *Need a jump rope/tall socks

    We have speed ropes ($15) or socks if you’re tired if scraping up or getting that rope burn! Contact me if you’d like to purchase


    Interested in us putting together a recreational sports team? Put your name, email and what sports you’d be interested in here


    *December 21-23 – NORMAL Schedule
    *Monday, December 24 – 12pm only
    *Tuesday, December 25 – CLOSED
    *Wednesday, December 26 – PM schedule, starting at 4:30PM
    *Monday, December 31 – 12pm ONLY
    *Tuesday, January 1 – CLOSED
    *Wednesday, January 2 – PM schedule starting at 4:30PM

  2. Alicia

    9:05 Karen rx’d
    11:44 Annie rx’d

    Put everything I had into the wall balls and totally crapped on Annie. DUs were a trainwreck

  3. AllisonNYC

    Snatched up to 143 Power Cleaned to 158 then kept going to 173.
    They all felt like complete crap this morning.. It felt like each lift took me 20 seconds because when I was lifting I actually had time to think about how slowly I was moving!

    In other news.. Who’s that Sitting on Sandy’s head?! Is that you, Alex?!

  4. BAston


    5 rounds of 22 KB’s, 22 BJ’S, 400m run, 22 Burpees, 22 Wall Balls: 39:56 (1 1/2 pood KB, 20# WB). Wall balls are such a shit show for me, really need to put in a lot of work on those in 2013.

    Brought my Dad along for his first time today. He had some modifications but kept moving and did well.

    Fun doing a Saturday morning hero wod again.

  5. kpo17

    Took my brother and sister to their first Crossfit workout at Crossfit Vero Beach. They loved it despite almost puking.

    150 m Prowler push 90 lbs
    Then 3 rds:
    300 m Run
    20 wall balls (20 lbs)
    15 Abmat situps
    10 burpees

  6. Paige

    Karin: 10:42 subbed 2 arm dumbbell thrusters for WBs @ 15# (started with 20# but dropped after 20)

    Annie: 12:43
    singles 100-80-60-30-20 with the remainder of each 2 min window practicing D/Us.

  7. Vikram

    Karen: 9:38 as Rx’ed
    Annie: 8:32 as Rx’ed

    Mentor Jared said I should probably have been no-repped a few on Karen. He’s right – it was awful at the end. DUs came to me during Annie though.

  8. Jared

    Karen: 8:57 (did this in 12 minutes and around 11:30 during the CF Open)

    Annie: 10:12 (up from 8:09 the last time I did this)

    I feel a little loopy, but I pushed those wall balls more than I ever have before. Definitely a big thank you to my work out partners at 6am, you guys push me more than I could ever push myself.

  9. Lightbody

    Karen 8:55 RX
    Annie 7:51 RX

    Legs were a little spent after karen so DUs werent as fast as i would have liked. Still annie 2 mins faster than last time.

  10. Brooke

    Only did Karen. I’ve only did this workout once in my life and i think I did 10 lb WB and took about 14 minutes.

    So, since I only did 1 of the workouts, did it RX with 14 lb ball. Took 15:14.

    Thanks to 11:30 class for cheering me through the last 10.

    Merry Xmas everyone!

  11. Adam Van Auken

    Karen – 8:44. Dave and I attempted a 20/minute game plan. I could only do this for 4 rounds. Then I didn’t know what to do until I had 39 left and did 3 sets of 13.

    I think I have a great strategy to beat my score next time. I will start with 21 for the first minute and subtract one each minute. So, when the clock reads 7:00, I’ll have 14 to do and then I can take a short rest and finish the 10. This has many advantages including 1)easy to remember, 2) Don’t have to think much, 3)mentally nice because you do less each minute.

    Big props to Babyface for his mental toughness. I’ll also give a shout out to Jared. This is way harder when you’re 5’5″.

  12. Valbona

    Back before 2 week vacation, then full-time back. 6am get ready for me!

    Karen – 11:28 rx’d
    Annie – 11:30 rx’d

    I have been bad at maintaining one log for all this information so need to consolidate and can track my progress better!

  13. MikeM

    Karen 12:47 rx’d. Too many rests, but still better than expected.

    Annie: 14:17. Capped out on the DUs. Wasnt able to string them together but made some progress during the warmup.

  14. Carmen

    Karen 12:20 with 8# ball. This much volume hurts my hammy – let’s remember that.
    Annie 13:30 – had some magic DU moments during the 30/20/10 rounds.

    Off to CA/Mexico for holidays – see you in 2013!!!

  15. Rolf

    Karen: 8:30 used 14# ball and wore weighted vest. Easing back the shoulder…felt good. Fingers crossed.

    Annie: 6:58 rx.

  16. karen: 11:45 used 20lb weight but don’t think all my tosses went to the correct height, so not quite Rx.

    annie: 11 – struggle with DU’s so did 3x singles per round.

    thanks to the staff for the great instruction and support. looking forward to 2013!

  17. Post up People! I know more than 27 folks WODed today. Don’t be shy, join the boards and post that score!

    Back Squats
    255(3)x5, 265(1),275(1),285(1),295(1),305(1). my year end goal of 315 is in sight.

  18. cstar

    no wod to post.. hopefully tmrw.

    just a quick thumbs up to marilina, that newsletter is super!

    notable mention to mikey’s pink onesie.

  19. johanna

    Karen: 14:20 with 10#

    Annie: had the last set of 10s left at the 15 min mark. the DUs really slowed me down! just got a new jump rope, so hopefully I can start stringing more together soon!

    Will try to get into the gym tomorrow once more before a week away.

  20. TC

    OHS – 5×3 – 135lbs


    EMOM – 20 minutes

    odd minutes – 3 hang squat cleans – 135lbs
    even minutes – 1 legless rope climb