It won’t be long before before the nickname “Skinny V” stops making sense.

Some people show up to CrossFit for the first time like they have been doing it their whole life.  They just jump in and start training as hard as they can everyday and it seems like they have been with us forever.  Skinny is one of these guys.  He hasn’t been doing this too long but you would never know it.  Mark my words that this guy is going to be on fire next year.  FIRE!  His consistency and work ethic are what’s taking him there.  If anybody still doesn’t believe that you can get anything want out of life by working your ass off and never giving up they need to meet this man and get a reality check.

“WOD from the crypt”

250m Row
10 Deads 185/275
5 Burpees
250m Row
8 Deads
10 Burpees
250m Row
6 Deads
15 Burpees
250m Row
4 Deads
20 Burpees
250m Row
2 Deads
25 Burpees

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  1. Vikram

    Totally humbled. It’s rare that I’m left speechless – and not too often that I’m reminded how truly large my nose is…

    My progress is just an embodiment of my dedicated coaches and amazing community. I have surrendered myself to the advice and support I receive every single day – and its never let me down. It’s made me a better athlete…and a better human being.

    Thank you all. I love this place.

  2. Vikram

    …oh…and my arms are not locked out at the top of a push up. That’s crap form.

    Bullet-proof, hollowed out midsection and arms locked out hard! Never forget it baby…

  3. belbogen

    225# – 17:51

    Historically deadlifts had always felt unreasonably “forced” for me. It always felt like I was lifting too much with my back, or the weight just wasn’t getting off the ground powerfully. What I realize post surgery is that I was NEVER using my hamstrings. There was no power coming from there because my hip was always so tight and inflamed. Now that my hip is clear and mobile, it feels so different from any other deadlift I’ve done before. It actually feels natural. Very cool and humbling to learn something myself.

  4. Rachel

    88# – Definitely should have gone heavier with the Deadlifts

    Love to hate workouts like these! Great way to start the weekend!

  5. Joe

    started at 205# then round 2 dropped to 185# – this is me being a smart member of team old balls. Shout out to my 35+ year old teammates!! 🙂


    it was fun trying to chase down Ashleigh and Rachel and watching Mike M. crush some big weight.

  6. Vikram

    Came in. Saw Amy Edelman’s score on the board. Tried to beat it. Got my butt kicked. Plain and simple.

    185#; 15:38

    Thanks to Zahra for the advice and pushing me.

  7. Rolf

    Skinny- Great guy. Well deserved shout out. Jared and Amy crushed it this morning. Ron too. The 6 am crew brings it!

    Can’t wait to get back. Couple more weeks with dr mike. Untill than lot of leg work i guess. did some front squats and ghd’s today. It was pretty lame effort.

  8. AllisonV


    Felt like I was moving well until the last two rounds of burpees, then was doing my best to string together 5 at a time.

  9. BAston

    5th Ave wod with Jared, team ‘Friends with Benefits’.

    Cash in: 70 lunges with 45# Plate, then max burpees while the other teammate DL’d the bar and held, 10 minutes.

    141 burpees

    That was fun.

  10. Carmen

    18:22 at 95#
    Big thanks to Vikram and Allison for pushing me through those last burpees. Time woulda been 2 minutes longer without them.

  11. Adam Van Auken

    Vikram is an amazing guy. He is so positive, kind, motivating, funny, smart, and even good looking! Skinny for president!

  12. mcohen

    So after the first day of my oly cert here is wht I learned.

    Brendan & Allison know there stuff. We are so lucky to have them and I will just listen to them.

    Second. I am a stiff old man.

    More tomorrow.

  13. Rolf

    @BAston @vikram Ummm… I wasn’t fat . That football pic happened to be taken after I was stung by bees at halftime and than ate a snickers and had a peanut allergy.

    U hurt me with ur words

  14. lauren

    Hate to miss anything with deads and burpees, but listened to my body (and Dr. Mike) and made today a yoga day.

    Tomorrow – 9am – We’ll meet at the NYSC at 86th and lex. All are welcome. Hope to see you there!

  15. Julesnextdoor

    Late to post but yesterday was 19:08. Love the 8:30 Saturday class– like we christen our weekend with a crazy WOD, leave bedraggled, and can now run out and do what we please.