10 rounds for time of:
10 Thrusters
10 Ring Push-Ups
* 65/95 *

“Yes, if you squat wrong it fucks things up. If you squat correctly, those same fucked-up things will unfuck themselves.”

“The only legitimate use for a glove is to cover an injury… A desire to prevent callus formation (possibly so as to not snag one’s pantyhose) does not constitute a legitimate use.

“But a hot gym is where most of us have trained before. Learn to deal with it: more water, more minerals, bigger balls..”

“The vast majority of women cannot get large, masculine muscles from barbell training. If it were that easy, I would have them.

– Mark Rippetoe

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  1. Brooke


    Saturday night.

    7:30 p.m.

    215 E. 96th st. (Kim/Bialos party)

    Take elevator to ST floor.

    Rain or shine…there is an indoor space

    Bring food and/or drink

    Bring friends

    Bring frienemies

    Bring a V-neck

    Stay Thirsty!!!

  2. ERIC S.

    Endurance Training:
    First Bike+Run in Central Park, legs are dead.
    Now I know why they call it a BRICK, my legs feel like 2 big bricks.

  3. mikey.bialos

    eric s- breaking away from the pack with some endurance training! love it..

    see everyone? running a few miles won’t make you into a loser. just don’t ask b-boy about it

  4. BAston

    9 rounds of horrible at 75#.

    In the span of 30 seconds, my doorman and barber both told me I look like shit. Honesty…..

  5. Laura

    Every time I think I’m getting stronger I show up for another Saturday hero WOD. Thanks gym for another HUMBLING experience.

    24:10 (what started with a RX barbell and strict pushups ended in #45 and girl push ups – fail)

  6. jen

    9 rounds + 8 thrusters @ 55 lbs; Rx ring pushups. 25 min cap. Could have finished if i didn’t rest so much. I have to stop that!

    Are thrusters ever going to get easier??

  7. Jared

    19:07 rx’d, down from 23:07

    first few rounds of thrusters unbroken, then 5 and 5 for the rest.

    first two rounds of ring pushups unbroken, then 5 and 5, then 4-3-3 for the final 5 rounds.

    awesome WOD…I am fully on board with the sweat band.

  8. Brett

    Crossfit Hamilton NJ. In the area for my 10th…I mean 20th…I mean 30th high school reunion.

    Weighted pushups 5-5-5-5-5


    Then 3 weighted pushups on the minute for 10 minutes at 5 rep Max (90)

    Ended with 3 sets of 8 ring rows.

  9. Adam Van Auken

    9 Rounds 5 thrusters at cutoff (25 min). The wheels fell off around round 7 and I had to divide thrusters into 3 sets which wastes so much time and energy. I realized mid WOD that dividing set into 6 + 4 is a lot easier than 5 + 5 so I’ll do that next time.

  10. patrick

    24:15 RX

    I was able to keep up the 5 + 5 Thruster pace into the 9th round. I think that saved me, because those Ring Push-Ups were taking a long time

  11. mcohen

    A fun variation on FGB at Crossfit Westchester
    3 minutes per station with a 1 minute rest in between
    Pushpress: 67 reps
    Box Jumps: 51 reps
    Sumo’s: 41 reps
    Row: 42 cal
    Wall Ball: 31 reps

    232 total reps

    much different that FGB in the last 45 seconds of each round you are totally gassed. And, the 1 minute breaks are no help.

  12. DT

    Front squats and reg pushups just under 20 mins.

    Can’t wait to get weeeiiirrrrddddd tonite.

    Elove, did you order the midgets yet? Clownsuits + midgets = $$$

  13. BAston

    I have a fear of midgets, almost as bad as my fear of the Burger King. Please no midgets tonight.

  14. sassypants

    24:33 rx’d
    *poor ROM on ring pushups after a while

    ring dip/ring pushup bruises make me look like i’ve been involved in some kinky shit.

  15. PJ

    (1) DL 5×5 @ 255. About right for today, another 10# wouldn’t have hurt much.

    (2) “Bloomberg” = 8 min AMRAP of 10 KB swings, 10 burpees and 5 picture perfect hollow rocks. to be done at a globo gym in the midst of zombies snoozing on their stairmasters and sleeveless gym rats high fiving over preacher curls; all while pondering the meaning of liberty. 4 rounds as RX.

  16. bfarrel

    On the DL and I hate the DL. Solid performances all around. This one looked wayyyy fun and in bummed I couldn’t give it a go. I’ll have to make this one up when ye olde back loosens up.

    Mark Rippetoe: 2nd funniest/quotable person out there, right behind Brendan Gilliam.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

  17. Jared

    and I don’t want any DNFs on the tables tonight because I have been practicing my flip cup and beer pong skills. I am pretty much back in college shape with my drinking game, which puts me top 1% in the world.

  18. maryseem


    45# thrusters – my back is KILLING me. I sneezed on the way home and thought a bomb went off in my lower back. Brian can testify. It was absurd.

    Started with regular pushups that quickly became knee pushups. Really tried to work on elbows back and not out and on keeping my thighs off the ground but my chest to the deck.

  19. marilina

    This is the most work my shoulders have seen in months.

    45# thruster
    push ups from knees

  20. Vikram

    Today was awful…and fun. Learning that wild Friday nights are double dangerous. 24:03 – profoundly non Rx.

    See you all tonight. Currently in a pub waiting for my wife to finish shopping next door. I’m training for tonight.

  21. bfarrel

    Touché, Jared, touché.

    However, drinking as rx’d is one WOD I never DNF.

    See your face at the games table bro; the 99 percent is coming for you.

  22. Xan

    Out in Long Island.

    3.4 mile run – first 1.7 recovery pace then remaining 1.7 between 6:30-7 pace

    Then Water Confidence drills in the pool:
    Drown proofing practice and underwater knot tying

    Finished it off with some tennis

  23. DT

    @jmiz.. bitches in the living room gettin it on/ party don’t stop till 6 in the morn

    poetry by snoop

  24. jmiz

    Well then y’all better be there when we get there round midnight yo diggity DT. Peace to yo mutha yo sista and yo brotha. Werd playa.

    Poetry by DJ SWJ. That’s skinny white jew for you hatas.