GOOD LUCK to Mike & Brad!!!  Congratulations in advance… You’ve been working hard to prepare and just getting out there is awesome all by itself.  REPRESENT for CFM and Have Fun!

2 Cycles:

AMRAP in 8 Minutes (1st Rnd) 7 Minutes (2nd Round)
8 Hang Squat Cleans  95/135
6 Strict Pull-Ups
16 KBS  16/24

Rest 8 or 7 Minutes While your Teammate Goes and Assist them when & where they need it!

It is our special duty, that if anyone needs our help, we should give him such help to the utmost of our power.
–  Cicero

Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?
–  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  1. jhenry

    Partnered up with the janitor today. he never runs out of gas. Thanks for pushing me.

    2+13, 2 even. Rx.

  2. marilina

    good luck mcohen and plugpilot!

    2 + 14, 2+ 16
    Why more in the second round in less time? My breaks were too long in the first set. Shame on me
    4 push press 75#
    8 front squat 75#
    6 strict pull ups with Adam’s hook thing
    16 hip extensions

    icing arm as Rx’d

  3. mcohen

    Wod 1 done

    12 rounds and 8 wall balls. Clean and squat 185

    Brad: 6 full rounds of other wod and 38 kb swings.

  4. Adam Van Auken

    @mcohen – 4 Words and the name of our new joint venture CrossFit apparel company:

    Don’t Drop The Bar.

  5. danielmrank

    Cycle 1 (8 mins): 2 + 12
    Cycle 2 (7 mins): 2 + 8
    HSPU assisted, HSC 95, Pull-Ups some assisted, 24kg
    Thanks for all the help Jason

  6. early workout at John Jay

    3round for time
    10 ringdips
    15 k2e
    20 air squats
    30 double unders


    Looks like Mike and Brad are representing well. Great job men.

  7. sassypants

    Round 1: 2+18
    *subbed hip extension for squat cleans, JWalk assisted HSPU, girls’ weight kb, strict pullup

    Round 2: 2+4
    *subbed GHD situp for squat cleans, JWalk assisted HSPU, boys’ weight kb, strict pullup

    All swings unbroken, should have done boys’ weight both rounds.

    ***PR on consecutive strict pullups in warmup: 7

    Good work holding down the fort Allie!

  8. Brooke

    Round 1: 2+18
    Round 2: 2+16

    all modified
    feels good to get some cleans in.

    Great job Kristen.

    Range of Motion….all the time.

  9. mcohen

    And we are done.

    Wod 2. 4 rounds 12 and 9. 28 swings.

    Brad 11 rounds plus 7. And 155 on the squat

    We had a ball. And really, we gave it everything we had. No regrets.

  10. EJ

    Heard from our guys up at the competition and they’re having an awesome time. Just a few more heats to go and them they’ll announce rankings.

    Coach B is taking photos and video! Our guys are tearing it up!

    Day off for me – BigApple BBQ as rx’d

  11. Brett

    Had a very long pre-wod warmup that began yesterday as follows:

    3:00 PM – First Ketel One and soda at Brother Jimmy’s. Happy Brett

    7:00 PM – 8th Ketel and soda at Yankee Stadium. Giddy Brett

    11:00 PM – 14th Ketel and soda at Hi Life. Slurring Brett.

    1:00 AM – 18th Ketel and soda at Vero and 2 shots of I have no idea what. Mummified Brett.

    Unfortunately, my friend Doug has been tracking his daily nutritional intake on his phone and entered every drink so I know that the above is accurate.

    This really prepared me properly for my WOD today.

    Round 1 – 1+4. Did wall walks, went light on squat cleans to work on form. 65 lbs. Coach Allie only winced a few times when watching my technique. I am a work in progress, and she is fixing me.

    Round 2 – 1. Same as above.

  12. Alicia

    frustrating wod this am

    handstand holds for 20 sec
    strict press 45#
    jumping/assisted pullups (Thanks Allie)
    30 DU’s

    1+19 DUs
    1+6 Pullups

    Mobility is getting better with Dr. Mike, but still a lot of pain. The list of things I’m allowed to do in the gym got shorter yesterday. I think my frustration is that I feel like I’m doing the same movements with no improvement. Started with 55# today and had to drop to 45#. DU’s are hit or miss…tomorrow is another day I guess

  13. Ang

    Round 1: 2 Flat
    Assisted HSPU
    42 # hang clean squat
    assisted PU
    16 # KB

    Round 2: 1 + 4

    Thanks, Coach Allie for all your assistance!

  14. Adam Van Auken

    Round 1: 2 plus 1 HSPU.
    Round 2: 1 plus 5 HSC.
    Looking forward to starting oly cycle, dropping weights, and improving this lift.

  15. phillipc

    2 even at 85# then 1 + 4, HSPU ably assisted by partner Ang and Coach Allie.

    Felt good – complimented by random on the hill sprint and coach on the hang cleans. Good day!

  16. Katie

    Cloudy afternoon in the Hamptons so went to Crossfit Motus in Sag Harbor. Ben says to say hi to you Dave & Eric.

    500m row 1:49

    DL: 5-5-5, 135,145,155

    8 min AMRAP:
    6 pull-ups (blue band)
    8 push-ups
    10 squats
    12 sit-ups
    5 rounds

  17. AllisonNYC

    All of you guys and girls did such an awesome job today! Saw lots of improvements.. which is what it’s all about!

    Keep incorporating those partner assisted exercises as accessory work. I’m always happy to lend a hand so grab me if you need me 🙂

    Sandy, your pull-ups were super impressive. I had no idea you were so good at them!

    Mike & Brad, CONGRATS on the day!!! It must feel great to have the first comp under your belt… Time to start getting ready for the next one, right?!

  18. bfarrel

    Rest day today and probably for the next few days as well. Saw my Doc today (not the acclaimed Doc Mike) and she worked me over for about an hour realigning my back and hips and getting me back to normal. I left lightheaded, nauseous but really loose and with much better ROM.

    This was the cause of one deadlift last week, but more than that, a compound effect of 6 months of Crossfit and not treating my body with the respect it deserves. Rather, I was treating it like a punching bag and beating the shit out of it and them just let it hang there out to dry. Mobility lessons learned first hand today.

    I also learned the importance of REST, especially when your in the middle of Bboy’s strength cycle. Even though it’s not easy to rest because you want to get fucking strong and not be a pussy and stay home and fucking cuddle instead of lifting weights.

    After 6 months, hopefully I’ve learned a lesson today and won’t royally fuck myself up again, but I’m a knucklehead who only knows one speed (insert Puck quote for those of you who know Real World Seatlle, which is probably just me).

    Can’t wait to be back to full strength, already miss you guys.

    Mike + Brad: you guys are my heroes. Wayne Gretzky said you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Well, you guys took a shot today and you’re so much better for it.

    And on that Gretzky note, let’s go Kings baby!!! West Coast people be with me. (Sorry Jared and Brett).

  19. ashleigh

    2 even, 1 + 27

    Hurt my neck again during warm up of HSPU so I scaled with 8 regular pushups and 32 double unders – 65lb cleans

  20. PJ

    @bfarrel, I’ve felt your pain- 2x in my short CrossFit career and truly sympathize. Treat the rehab as aggressively as you do a wod and you will be back in no time. Living in NYC there is no doubt you are sleeping less, working more and more stressed than your average Joe, all the while probably sitting in a bad position (desk, airplane, whatever) and whatever other weakness / deficiency will get found out by the deadlift or something else in the gym.

    I’m guessing you have some kind of flexion wound and so check out Dr Stuart McGills stuff. Brendan also has some great programs. Good luck bro.

  21. Amylynne

    Hotel WOD:

    20 min AMRAP
    10 hspus
    10 situps
    10 pushups
    10 air squats

    8 rds + 4 hspus (first 2 rds strict. Or 3. Don’t know. Head hurts. Miss the ab mat)

  22. jmiz

    Warmup: five rounds of Cleans from the hang @ 135# x 3

    3 rounds with 95# bar / 6 reps of each:

    Chest to bar pushups

    10 minutes ish. Originally was going to do six rounds but was exhausted. Warmup was spent next to dude admiring his biceps in mirror while squatting 95# on a Smith machine (with horrible depth mind you). Made me shake my head and smile.

  23. EdG

    Not sure what score was but used 95 lbs for hang squat cleans which was good. Need to work on technique. Keep bar close to body, knees out, and eyes forward.

    Work on strict pull-ups.
    Got my first hand stand pushup today.