New crew squat session. 

” The Crow ”
5 Rounds:
3 Minutes On, 1 Minute Off:
3 Thrusters  65 / 95
9 KBS  16 / 24
20 Double Unders

** Pick up when you left off each round to end up with one total score. **

What are you doing each day to stay injury free?

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  1. phillipc

    9 rounds Rx

    Reasons I’m happy;
    – Double unders clicked today…mostly all conseq (PR)
    – Nailed the ‘name game’
    – Acquired a mighty fine CFM teeshirt
    – Euro 2012 (go on England!)
    – Boat basin tonight
    – Trapeze school tmrw
    – Job interview on Tue for new career path

    That’s enough. 1, 2, 3 … Sunshine!

  2. 10 +3
    (PR in double unders, 9! haha, I’m getting there!!!)

    Phillip – ‘nailed the name game’ haha that made me giggle!

    See y’all at the boat basin later!

  3. patrick

    7rnds + 8 reps RX

    I felt like I was going to pass out after round 3, so I was happy to make it to the end.

  4. ERIC S.

    1 mile open water swim
    6 mile run
    Then beers after in Coney Islnad
    Rx’d it

    Oh yeah and there were Mermaids everywhere!

  5. Brett

    Been to crossfit Delray Beach, Florida the last 2 days:

    Friday – 20 minute am rap
    10 pullups
    20 KBS – 24kg
    30 ab mat situps
    40 DU

    Had to scale the DU’s and did some jumping pull-ups. Completed 4 rounds.

    Saturday – Team Flight Under Pressure
    10 minutes each station for each member of team to get 1 rep max for bench press, thruster, and hang power clean (so did reps to build up to max)

    bench max – 195
    thruster max – 145
    hang power clean max – 125

    trainer worked with me on form for hang power cleans. Very helpful and friendly staff. Recommend the box if anybody is in the area.

    Not back until tomorrow night so will miss Janitor’s last clean. Good luck buddy!

  6. Valbona

    Great seeing everyone again!

    Made it through with 9 rounds exact. Thrusters felt sluggish but DUs came through.

  7. Ben

    Front Squats for Thursters, Rest as RXed

    9 Rounds

    DUs got smoother as the rounds went on, unbroken by the end.

    Tough to do the PM to AM. Would’ve caught up to Jared if I just had another 12 hours of rest…

  8. Joe


    subbed 95# Front Squats for Thrusters and 1 pood KB swings. Got the KB over my head with no pain. Double unders were all over the place.

  9. mcohen

    A little work on the track

    6 x 400 meter sprints. 1 minute rest in between
    100 pushups; then
    6 x 40 yard dashes. Rest on the walk back to the start

    Sorry I cannot be there to join everyone is saying good bye to one of the truly great guys of Metropolis. Mark, I just want to take this moment to say my goodbye. So may things come to mind when I think of you. Humble, inspiring, service to fellow man and our country, and most of all, just a good friend. Wherever you go and whatever you do, remember that you leave behind a group of people who are better off for having known you. Stay thirsty my friend.

  10. Vikram

    Undisclosed location – Spain’s victory in Euro quarterfinals demonstrating the strength and football (soccer) dexterity of the best team in the last 50 years; Rxed.

  11. phillipc

    Skinny V. Please. Brazil 1970 would have destroyed….obliterated this Spanish team. Germany will beat them in the final, I’ll lay money on that

  12. Carlos

    Good call Vikram, and The Wall Street Journal goes two steps further and makes the convincing case that Spain is THE BEST TEAM IN HISTORY IN ANY SPORT if they win on Sunday. ( Meanwhile, Phillip’s team is watching the last two rounds on TV, and his pick to win the final is watching it on TV as well, so clearly Phillip should spend more time reading the Journal and less time putting down Spain in this forum, talking about teams that he’d bet would beat Spain, including one from before his Daddy met his Mum. (