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  1. DT

    Currently holding a squat and posting yeye!

    Did an olympic tri near lake placid. Went off in classic dt fashion- ur man was two minutes late to the start, got distracted spitting game at this trismoke. So it was a long day of pacman after that.. just eatin away at the field.

    Chomp chomp chomp!

    Spirit of the deep v.. Love you all!

  2. Joe

    4 rounds + 6 reps

    MU’s Rx
    HSPU – BBoy assist strict
    KB = 24kg

    Icing shoulder Rx
    Walking home I witnessed a cab driver try and catch a fare and shoot from the left lane to the right lane and he drilled an SUV.

    Opening the back door of the SUV to see an 8 month old boy – TERRIFYING!!!

    SUV driver and baby were physically fine and not hurt at all thankfully.

  3. lauren

    3 rounds +1 pullup as follows:

    4 deadhangs
    5 dips
    4 deadhangs
    5 dips
    4 assisted hspus (thanks laura, z and patrick)
    8 kb swings at 1 pood.

    Was moving slooooow today after a late night at the office.

  4. 8 rounds – lots of modified shiizz

    started with 3 negatives for 4 rounds, then went to 4 ring rows
    7 dips all 8 rounds
    8 pushups
    8 kbs swings 12 kg

  5. Adam Van Auken

    8 Rounds plus 3 HSPU rx’d. Single digit rep scheme plus no lower body movements equals my wheelhouse. I really enjoyed this one and was thrilled that I stayed competitive with Jared. The low rep scheme allowed me to really focus on form on each movement.

    I was able to do HSPUs strict until round 7 (surprisingly after yesterday’s push press horror show) and then switched to kipping. 2 pood KBs were unbroken and felt good.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone!

  6. EJ

    CONGRATS- to tall Brian and Laura on their nuptials today! Love is in the hot air this summer!!

    Scaled, 10 pullups/10 dips
    HSPU , needed to kip
    Kbs as rx’d

    Felt good today but i pissed off my shoulder w/ hspu and ring dips 🙁 sigh..Icing shoulder rx’d . Feeling a little frustrated but hopeful that eventually when I’m 100% I can get a MU. In the meanwhile, the focus is on more pullups and getting stronger in areas I can.

  7. Diane

    Just when I’ve ironed out some aspect of the squat, I take another class and learn something new. Now to practice focusing shifting my weight more to the outside of my feet. Holding the squat position with the inside of the foot turned up a bit made me realize how my my feet and ankles need strengthening. Awesome. Thank you, Brendan!

  8. Markcon

    back from a week of Houston heat. NYC feels downright reasonable today
    MU’s and HSPU’s with Coach B’s assistance. Didn’t track rounds but enjoyed the practice.

  9. dlede

    11 rds rx’ed
    3 rd PR
    helps to be not hung over like the last time

    2 HSPU – 2abmat
    4 Ring Dips
    8 1.5 kb swings
    10 rounds
    awesome going from not kicking up to handstand until yesterday –> 20 hspu today

    nice work Kelly and the other rx’ers

  10. mcohen

    Great day of skill work on the Clean.

    That moment of full (triple) extension to the drive to the bottom feels like something that will take me a lifetime to master.

    Well the Oly cycle starts in a month, so I better get it soon.

    Rest day tomorrow, then we start all over again.

    Happy weekend to all

  11. AllisonNYC

    Totally just did my second workout of June.. But no more lazy girl.. Started a written program today which always makes me stick to it. It’s much easier to train when someone is holding me accountable.

    Worked up to a single for today in the Snatch – 123 but failed for a second. Had a couple misses behind because I didn’t punch up and dove forward.
    Took it down to 85% and did 3 sets of doubles with 103.

    I felt rusty and positioning felt off on some lifts. But had some good ones too. Need to get more consistent again.

    3 sets of 3 Clean Pulls @ 153.
    Hell on Earth. I hate those things as much as I hate front squats

    Sets of 5: 73-83-93-98-103 Snatch grip push presses
    Early sets front a squat.
    All felt easy.. The plan was to go heavier but by this point I was bored and ready to go home. Didn’t have the will to finish. Whateva!

    Awesome Job on Nate, B & Dave!

  12. Laura

    2 rounds + 5 push ups of:

    8 jumping pull ups/negatives
    10 dips with red band
    3 assisted HSPU and then 10 strict push ups round 2
    8 KB (16kg)

    Slow today… Trying to avoid being sore for the Queens 10k tomorrow

  13. Vikram

    100 sit-ups
    100 squats
    100 push ups
    30 Back whatever things that Coach Allison taught me
    Deep 5 minute squat scaring everyone at the globo (“What’s the skinny guy doing?”). F ’em.

    Want to start using my shoulder this week. Work is going to be crazy, but that’s the plan.

  14. rafael

    First time doing muscle ups, that was fun!

    5 round + 4 HSPUs(Kryptonite) Rx’d
    Shoulders were blasted from Friday’s Push Presses.
    Kelly was effortlessly destroying the HSPUs…what’s the fomula?!