Pre WOD:
As promised.. Time to get better at HSPUs!!
Kicking Up, Freestanding or Handstand Push-Up Practice

For Time, Alternating Between Exercises:
Overhead Squat:  10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
L Pull-Ups:  1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10

** 20 Minute Time Cap  **

Click here for the last time we did this WOD

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–  Tim Tebow

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  1. EJ

    Few Announcements

    GOOD LUCK to Jared competing at CF Virtuosity at the Subway Series!


    1) Date Auction –>DT and Brad – Tuesday, 8/28

    Hey all – DT and Brad are being auctioned for charity. Come out to the event and support the cause and get one of these studs on an evening out

    2) FALL 2012 PALEO CHALLENGE 9/17-11/18

    Hey everyone! It’s time for another nutrition challenge here at Metropolis. This time we are doing things a little bit differently. Lurongliving is having a Paleo Challenge and we are going to participate. It is open to ALL CrossFit affilitates, so you are competing against CrossFitters from all over the country – and we all know how this group loves a little competition!!
    Buy in is $50

    Check out the website for more information and SIGN UP under CF Metropolis!!! Once we have 20 people, we qualify for a grand prize!! If you have any questions so far, email me at [email protected]

    3) ***SAVE THE DATE: SUNDAY 9/9
    Nutrition Seminar from Brendan, as well as a brief informational meeting

    Brian Aston is running the NYC marathon for Frank’s charity (Standing Tall). On September 7th from 7pm-10pm he will be guest bartending . Hope everyone can come out, and have a few drinks, and help him raise money for a great cause. Hope to see everyone there!

    LOCATION: Swig, 2nd Ave between 84th & 85th.

    5) MMA Fight in Atlantic City – FRIDAY 9/14
    One of our members, Ariel “The Smash” will be fighting at the Tropicana in AC. Come out to show him some Metropolis LOVE!!

  2. mcohen

    An elusive goal has been smashed this morning. I saw Cindy on the board at Crossfit Westchester. Drove home through the night to hit it.

    20 rounds and 2 pullups.

    Cannot wait to see my 6 am crew Monday morning. Missed you Guys.

  3. BAston

    18:35 @ 85#

    PR from the last time by almost 1:25, so very happy. Up to 95# next time.

    I love this wod because as you get further along, you look forward to actually doing overheads….. L sits become a shit show!

  4. Vikram

    Big Mike – 20 rounds! Boom! So glad you’ll be back…

    Wonder how Jared is faring at the competition…I’m sure he’ll check in.

    Today I faced my nemesis the OHS – still so far to go: 18:05 @ only 53

    Steph killed the OHS. Nico killed the pull ups. Great to watch.

    Great coaching Allison. Thanks for the encouragement. Happy Saturday!

  5. Lara F

    pulled my hamstring kicking up!
    had to lay off and do a modified WOD
    Sad, was actually looking forward to OHS!

    Everyone did awesome, great job!

    Happy Saturday!!

  6. stephmil

    15:17, 53#
    switched from pull ups to ring rows after 6 pull-ups – hands tore – and I didn’t even use chalk! need to work on my grip.

    OHS felt good, will go up in weight next time.

    Lara it was great to meet you! I hope your hammy heals quickly

  7. Joe

    subbed front squats for OHS @ 105#
    subbed ring rows for L-sits


    @stephmil – time to go solo on your HSPU’s….spotting you was easy, you flew through them!

    @Jared…’d ya do?

  8. Jared

    15 minute amrap of

    1000m row
    21 95# thrusters
    10 pullups
    15 115# thrusters
    10 c2b pullups
    9 135# thrusters
    10 bar muscle ups
    155# thrusters w remaining time

    I got to the bar muscle ups with 2 minutes left and failed 4 really close attempts. I was right there. I felt strong, breaking up the 135 thrusters into two sets. I even had the lead through 15 thrusters in the beginning. I can def do bar muscle ups, just lack the feeling of how to actually do it. I finished with a score of 65 in 25th place out of 39. I tied a few people at 25th.

  9. Alicia

    18:58 @ 65#, jumping into negative “N” through halfway of 8, then switched over to jumping pullups for the rest.

    OHS felt really good

    Nice job Jared!

  10. SoCalAndrew

    Did my first set of OHS at 215 and the rest at 185, although I went way over the time limit. The bummer is that I thought I had 205 on the bar, but was too exhausted to realize I had 35s on the inside and not 45s. Next time, 205.

    Low intensity handstand stuff was fun as always.

  11. dlede

    Swim wod!

    10 rft
    25m freestyle swim
    10 squats
    10 narrow width pushups

    Didn’t keep time but moving entire time. Fun one!

  12. Rolf

    first time doing OHS since the on ramp. humbling. 45# but def looking forward to doing them again. felt pretty comfortable by the end but than again maybe it’s because i was only doing 1. ha. L pull ups. didnt know it was possible to make pull ups worse. 19:45 and 21 hspu’s.

  13. amy edelman

    17 something.
    Started @ 38# for 10, 9 then added to 43# for remainder.

    Pull ups were tough for me, of course. Jumping with L legs (on almost all) w/ slow release on the way down.

    10-12 HSPU with LOTS of help from Allison. Thanks!!!

  14. Nico

    20’25” at 65 pounds with L pullups on the rings

    Still working on form with the OHS before adding more weight.