Saturday, April 1st


Saturday, April 1st

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K-Hour WOD


For time:
Run 800 meters with a 45/35-lb. plate
100 toes-to-bars
155/105-lb. front squats, 50 reps
15-ft. rope climbs, 10 ascents
Run 800 meters with a 45/35-lb. plate

Partition the toes-to-bars, front squats and rope climbs as needed. Start and finish with the run.

Post time to comments.

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Liam J. Nevins, 32, of Middlebury, Vermont, was killed by small arms fire while conducting combat operations in Paktia Province, Afghanistan, on Sept. 21, 2013. Nevins was assigned to Operational Detachment Alpha 9521, Bravo Company, 5th Bn., 19th Special Forces Group, based in Fort Carson, Colorado.

His friends remember him as a cut above when it came to fitness. He enjoyed hiking and running outdoors, as well as the full gamut of CrossFit movements, from Olympic lifting to gymnastics.

He is survived by his mother, Victoria; father, William; fiancée, Julie Huynh; and sisters, Maeve and Raven.

18 Responses

  1. Matt

    25:52 rx, RIP Liam
    I have discovered my favorite way to hold the plate: Vertical on the shoulder, one hand on either side of the plate. Press it to the other side when the same-side arm gets tired. Give it a shot!

  2. Alice

    33:10 rx
    partitioned: 3FS – 10T2B – 2FS – 1RC (till last round when I just held on for 5FS)
    the plate carry was a ridiculous grip workout. next time I’ll try Matt’s method. great workout.

  3. BAston

    36:08 @ 135#

    First time squatting in over 2 weeks, no back pain at all.

    The run with the plate was less fun than the rest of the wod. Good times.

  4. dtm

    Not Liam:

    7 Minute AMRRAPs of:
    7 Hang power cleans 50# dbs
    21 push ups
    Rest 3 Minutes
    7 push press 50# dbs
    21 sit ups
    Rest 3 Minutes
    7 Burpees
    21 Deads 50# dbs


  5. Kim

    Liam “halfsies”
    400m run with 35#
    50 hanging knee raises
    25 front squats at 103#
    5 rope pull up
    400m run with 35#


  6. Matt

    pm OG

    snatch pull
    5×3 @ 205lbs

    axle (traditional style) clean 1RM
    190 (compare to 230 continental style)

  7. Joe


    FS 3-3-3: 205-215-225
    Thruster 3-3-3: 135-155-165
    Push press 3-3-3: 155-165-175

    300 du for time: 6:59

  8. El Capitan

    OG 20 min Emom 1 snatch @165 no misses

    3 rounds for time
    9 thrusters 95/65
    16 DB thrusters 50/35
    50 double unders

    5:50 rx

  9. JoJo

    Snatch/ power snatch work 2 high pulls every time

    OG 20 min Emom 1power snatch @65

    Bench Press:5-5-3-3-1-1-1
    65-75-85-105-115-120-125 PR

    3 rounds for time
    9 thrusters 95/65
    16 DB thrusters 50/35
    50 double unders

    6:28 rx short/quick/spicy

  10. Mickey K

    29:26 Rx
    Thanks to all those who serve/served this great country! God bless the USA and our Vets!

  11. LaurenMargaret


    Liam (half)
    800 run (w/25lb plate)
    50 toes-to-bar (44 attempts, 6 actual toes-to-bar)
    25 front squat @95
    5 Rope pull from floor
    800 run (w/25lb plate)