Saturday, April 23rd


Saturday, April 23rd

Central Park WOD!

Meet at the Pinetum picnic tables today at 10:00am


Half “Terry”

For time:
800m Run
50 push-ups
50-meter bear crawl
800m Run
50-meter bear crawl
50 push-ups
800m Run

Bring sunblock, water, snacks, beverages! For Rx+, do “Terry”.

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  1. chad

    I know it’s still raining out a bit but it’s supposed to let up soon, I’m heading over to the pinetum in a bit to set up, if you have any questions or need to know where to meet up if you don’t know where to go,

    text or call me 917-940-three eight seven six

    Dress for the weather and maybe bring some Electra clothes. Don’t let a little rain ruin your day????

  2. BAston

    Greenwich CrossFit:

    20 minute AMRAP with Sally of 5 thrusters 95/65, 7 pull ups, 9 push ups (partner runs 200m while the other works, pick up where the other partner left off).

    13 or 14 rounds rx’d, not 100% sure. Great Wod.

  3. sallys

    What Brian said – most unbroken pull-ups I’ve done in a WOD setting (7).

    3 mile jog with the rents

  4. johanna

    AM: Stand in line for almost 3 hours for beer and farmers carry 40 pints to and from the subway.

    PM: Indoor EWOD testing/Hangover helper.

    17:28 Rx

    This was a fun one, can’t wait for a rainy Sunday!!

    1. Melanie

      Hahaha Jo was literally was going to text to see if you needed a girls night out after reading the first line!

  5. dtm


    I’m definitely going to run tomorrow! Meet at the gym at 10:30, we’re going to Central Park, workout is tbd.

  6. johanna

    5 min handstand hold practice

    500m row test: 1:56.4 PR

    Press: 45(5)-50(5)-55(3)-60(3)-65(1)-70(1)-75(f)
    I have lost my overhead strength. Trying to build it back up.

    Masters Regionals Event 3
    15 min AMRAP
    55 DU
    15 C2B pullups
    5 Hang Power Clean @105
    Score: 3+58 Rx

  7. Kim

    Ditto what Lisa said, minus some weight
    5 push jerks @ 73#
    30 sit ups
    30 lunges

    I started before we turned on the clock – guessing 22:30ish?

  8. chad

    Great Job to the Outdoor WOD peeps who braved the rain and came out to play!
    20:32 Chad
    21:54 Bucky
    22:26 Ki
    24:17 Kimbie
    25:12 Elizabeth
    26:51 Sol
    27:43 Jmiz and JYu

  9. Melissa TruHero

    Allergies so shitty.

    OG with the ladies
    Strict press 5s

    5 rounds for time
    10 front rack lunges @ 93#
    10 strict T2B
    ~ 10:30