Saturday, April 9th


Saturday, April 9th


⊗  Throwdown!  

3 rounds for reps:

Minute 1: Power Snatch, 75/55
Minute 2: Overhead Squat, 75/55
Minute 3: Deadlift, 155/105
Minute 4:  Front Squat, 95/65
Minute 5: Power Clean, 95/65

There is a strict 5 burpee penalty for dropping the bar. Don’t drop the bar.

Rest 1 minute between rounds. Post total reps across all rounds to Comments.

Here are the team rosters again!

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  1. sallys

    So sad to miss this! In Hudson, NY until later tonight. Go red team!

    I went to Railroad Crossfit in Hudson, NY. Great gym, highly recommend if you’re ever in the area. Excellent coaching and a welcoming community. Also some of the dudes and ladies are crazy strong. The dudes were squatting 400+ lbs and butterflying chest-to-bars like it was nothing.

    Strength – find your max strict press: 85# (PR).

    WOD (conditioning)
    50 calorie row
    40 shoulder-to-overheads at 65/95
    30 box jumps

    Surprisingly the hardest part was the S2Os. Finished in 9:20 (Rx). Fun WOD but a killer.

  2. BAston

    174? I forgot.

    Was worried about my back when everyone at 8:30 was complaining about theirs. No back issues, but couldn’t breath the entire wod. Kept all DL’s at 10 to stay safe.

  3. dtm

    209 (92-65-52)

    My front-squats were weak sauce. Chris is a monster.

    I’m EWODing tomorrow, 10:30 from the gym, hill sprints with a twist!

  4. Melissa TruHero

    16-15-20-14-15 = 80
    13-14-16-11-12 = 66
    13-10-15-11-12 = 61
    Total 207 rx’d

    Great job Green Team!

    1. Melissa TruHero

      That was me taking it easy Kim! Lol. I didn’t jump off the ground for any of the lifts. 🙂

  5. BAston


    Stiff leg DL’s: 5×10 @ 95#

    5×3 push press @165# (5 strict T2B in between each set)

    3 rounds NFT: 12 GHD’s w/ 10# plate, 10 back ext (a few MU’s mixed in as well – hit or miss today)

  6. Joe

    Sorry to the green peens for the no-show. Couldn’t make it in today.

    5×5 strict press – 105#

    15 min EMOM (sort of)

    2 min for 1 round DT @95
    1 min for 12 kbs @ 53

    5 sit-up penalty for each time the bar drops. Did 25 sit-ups (1 drop per round between cleans and presses)

  7. dquat

    159 w/ seda the shredda! thought 75 per was achievable until the ole back started on fiya.

    small win getting 10ohs per round and feeling ok about positions. fun!