Saturday, August 27th


Saturday, August 27th

Mark your calendars! Our next social is Friday, September 9th at new local pub The Weir!



23 min amrap
9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
15 power cleans, 135/95
21 squats
400-meter run with a 45-lb. plate

Post rounds + reps completed to Comments.

Phoenix Firefighter Brad Harper, 23, of Peoria, Arizona, died while on the scene of a two-alarm fire on May 19, 2013. Harper loved being a firefighter and had worked with the Phoenix Fire Department, where he was assigned to Rescue 21, for two years. He is survived by his wife, Lena; three younger brothers, Ryan, Daniel and Jacob; and parents, Bob and Cyndy.

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  1. PlayGurlPattyG

    CORRECTION 63lbs

    I was so dazed and confused

    only 2 rounds on the clock

    I am not sure why I thought at 1:10min I could take that 25lbs and make it back

    Dazed And Confused On A Saturday Morning!!!

  2. ledbelly

    Crossfit Hamptons

    30 minute AMRAP
    10 wall balls
    10 HSPU
    10 Wall ball squats
    40 dubs
    10 kbs
    10 kb dl
    10 kb snatches
    40 dubs
    10 burpees
    10 burpee bj’s
    10 burpee pull-ups
    40 dubs
    10 hollow rocks
    10 russian twist – I used a 25 pound plate
    10 superman that hooooo
    40 dubs

    2 rounds + 20

    Hot AF

    A woman asked me if there was a crossfit on the UES. I said, yes, there are three. She asked which one do I go to. I said Metropolis. “O yes, I have heard of that one. I heard that was the hardest one”

    Just thought that would make a few of you feel extra good this wknd

    Beers, Beach, Titos rx’d

  3. JLee

    2 rounds + 250m run

    115# and rows (arm is still hurt).
    Air squats were like butter even without an hour of hip mobility. How far we’ve come!
    The run was not a run…

  4. Melissa TruHero

    Worked on hang snatch + snatch complex
    Then snatch singles
    – working on building my strength back; damn elbow tendonitis

    Then a lovely Matt-inspired couplet for a quick burn
    5 min EMOM:
    Start on the min w/ 5 deadlifts with two 32kg kettlebells (~142#)
    As many wall balls as possible in remaining time, 14#
    Wallballs = 20/12/15/13/12 (that was as much a shoulder burn as it was legs!)