Saturday, December 10th


Saturday, December 10th

Heads Up! Our Holiday Party is Thursday, 7pm at the Daisy!


20 min AMRAP
20 overhead lunges, 95/65
15 wall balls, 20/14
10 toes to bar

Post rounds completed to Comments.

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  1. JLee

    15K in Central Park. Sub 10 min/mi pace

    I probably should’ve trained but I made it. Shout out to K-hours and running WODs

    1. El Capitan

      Maybe we should have scaled the load like at 185lbs so then we can compare it if we do it again.
      (With a flat back and focusing on great form of course.)

    2. Joe

      I was afraid that even at 185 under fatigue they’d just go to shit and doing it alone there’d be no one to tell me they were bad.

      Point certainly received though. Should have just scaled and held myself accountable

  2. Melissa TruHero

    Hangover crew
    5+16 RX’d
    – somehow I didn’t die but there was a whole lot of pausing and heavy breathing going on. Tried to knock out the lunges as fast as possible with good form and my legs are still wobbly hours later.

    Great roll out/mobility warm up Derek! Just what my old lady body needed 🙂

    See you guys at the holiday party! ✌????️

  3. JoJo

    8:30am and finally posting…
    6+22 RX’d #asscramp

    4 rds OHL unbroken
    5 rds wall balls unbroken
    3 rds of cycled T2B 🙂

  4. JoJo

    Last post before I my get some cocktails in 😉
    Tabata push-ups at home 🙂 Fenway coaching me!!!