Saturday, December 31st


Saturday, December 31st

Heads Up! The gym is only open today between 10:30 and 12:30 for open gym hours. The following WOD is recommended; make sure to show up right at 10:30 if you want to do the workout with others.


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Body-weight bench presses
Bar muscle-ups

Post time to Comments.

Holiday Schedule
Saturday – Open Gym from 10:30am to 12:30pm
Sunday –
Open Gym from 11 to 1
Monday – Only Capt’s Practice @ 12:30, 5pm and 6pm classes.

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  1. jmiz

    Ooh. Hildy. Spicy. I was thinking this, in honor of our new year:

    12 muscle-ups
    31 power cleans 155#
    2016 meter row

    Either one’ll do.

  2. Rekas

    Packed house to close out 2016!

    Push presses (from the floor cuz I obvi luv cleans)
    5 @ 65,75,85
    3 @ 85,90,95
    2 @ 100,105
    1 @ 110
    Arms feeling heavy today

    THEN I jumped rope until I couldn’t jump rope anymore. You guys I got 34 dubs in a row (PR!)
    Thanks for the band help Jo! Feels like I have tennis balls in my calves oh em geeeee.

  3. robseda

    A)DNF… rx! 175 bw
    Didn’t finish the last round of MUs because of rips- bench took forever because of sand

    B)3 rounds nft:
    25 ghd
    25 strict pull-ups

    goats still include: jerks; new to the mix for 2017: bench

    Happy new year

  4. johanna

    30 C2B sorta for time: 9:51
    Snatch Balance: 33(6)- 65(4)- 85(3)- 95(2)- 105(1)- 115(1)- 125 (f, got scared and dropped the bar back on my neck, so stupid, but thankfully could’ve been worse)

  5. Melissa TruHero

    Oly complex: 1 power Snatch + 1 Snatch
    – worked up to 93#

    “Super Freak” – courtesy of 7 Mile when I there
    4 rounds:
    4 power snatches (135/95)
    8 power clean & jerks
    10 ring rows
    12 lateral over the bar burpees
    1 min rest / 23 min cap
    – 15:43 with 73#

    HAPPY NEW YEAR CFM FAM! Be safe and have fun!

  6. BAston

    Wod from a few weeks back:

    For time:
    1000m/800m row
    25 shoulder to overhead, 95/65
    Rest exactly 3 minutes.
    750m/600m row
    20 shoulder to overhead, 115/75
    Rest exactly 3 minutes.
    500m/400m row
    15 shoulder to overhead, 135/95

    19:17 rx’d

  7. Alice

    some helpful bar mu strateegery from Rob and then:

    Mainsite WOD from 161206:
    ghd sit-ups
    shoulder press (95)

    14:40 45# — oh my muscle failure

    Happy New Year! Stoked I landed with you guys.

  8. ShollSwole

    OG at Planet Fitness! (A very exclusive high end gym)

    5x max pulls ups
    5×15 push-ups
    5x max dips
    5x pistol progression (so close to getting a pistol)

    5 mins squat hold