Saturday Hero WOD


Saturday Hero WOD

Hero WOD:
Ten Rounds, Each For Time:
5 Thrusters  85/115
10 Pull-Ups
100m Sprint
Rest 1 Minute

**  Since we don’t have an exact, flat 100m course, we’ll sprint about 3/4 of the way down to 3rd & back.
**  Instead of keeping track of everyone’s 10 rounds, we will have one total time at the end and then subtract 9 minutes to account for the rests.

Are you watching the CrossFit Games?!

What’s been your favorite event or athlete to watch?
Who do you think will be our Champs this year??

“Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.”
-Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner

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  1. Vikram

    Great seeing everyone last night. God speed Plug Pilot.

    Rest day.

    Just purchased a yoga mat. Yes, sir…that’s how serious I am.

  2. bfarrel


    Being on the DL sucks. Being on the DL sucks real hard. Being on the DL is like asking your high school sweetheart out to Prom with a bouquet of bananas when others are bringing roses: she’s just not going to say yes unless she’s a Crossfitting, Paleo eating badass.

    To help me through the DL, come out to BBQ with me tonight at my spot. It’s at 221 E 82nd street, Apt 6B. Even Brett had nice things to say about it.

    Ass out hugs,

  3. bfarrel

    Jared, you’re a Crossfitting, Paleo eating badass. I can’t wait to grill with you at 6pm.

    Vikram, keep at the yoga my man. Stretch it out and achieve the zen. I’m convinced that after finding the zen, you too can have the Elove grin: like everything good in life, it just takes time.

  4. rafael

    15:00 Rxd all dead hangs

    Finally ran after 3 weeks, need to get my running legs back and stop thinking about my calf

  5. Vikram

    Was just doing some laundry (and squatting in the laundry room). Enjoying my rest day.

    Then I walked by my building’s gym and see Victoria in there. The woman brought her own Rogue bumper plates and is doing deads.

    Damn. Feel so guilty. This is becoming obsessive.

  6. Tommy

    Up in Weschester and did a drop-in WOD at Bravo Crossfit.

    2 Round AMRAP
    1 minute at each station:
    -Max Meter Row
    -Squat Cleans (35lb dumbells)
    -GHD Sit Ups
    -Rope Climbs
    -Box Jumps
    -Pushup/Dip Pass throughs
    -Wall Balls
    -Pull Ups
    (2 minute rest before repeating)

    A lot going on here and lost count

    Happy Saturday CFM 🙂

  7. Brett

    Last minute offer to people checking the blog. I have a pair of tix for the yankees today at 1:00 for free. I can meet you at stadium and give them to you since I’m going also. Luckily you won’t have to sit near me as they are in another section. Text me at 973-698-5621 if interested. I’m heading up there now. 4 train in case you don’t know how to go.

  8. BAston

    8 rounds flat at 95#. Got back into the gym at 24 minutes and B told me to get right to the thrusters….. I fell down, no chance of getting up. Big ups to Has, we went back and forth, he really pushed me hard. Also big ups to my college roommate Jay, he crushed it.

    That was fucking brutal.

  9. Brooke

    Just under the wire for 15:54

    Modified to:
    40# thrusters (slowly creeping up)
    ring rows

    Totally negative splitted the rounds.

    sweaty mess….

  10. marilina

    Big congrats to Serena who had a baby and five weeks later is back on the crossfit horse!

    odd rounds strict pulls ups from wrists
    even rounds ring rows

  11. ERIC S.

    9:07 RX’d

    I just want to say that not only did EJ do all kipping pullups but that young ylang-ylang did 105lbs. thrusters! BOOM!

    EJ next make sure you have one of us spot check your weight, the heat makes us all delirious!

    Magandáng hapon!

  12. Joe

    15:02 @ 75#
    like Jared 1st round dead hangs then rest kip – got competitive.
    Shoulder feeling better and better – so 75# is huge in my world. Moving on up the overhead stuff. Rounds 2-5 broke up pullups into 5 and 5 then rattled off a few rounds of 10 straight.
    Kept a steady pace 1 round behind Jared and even with Sara. Fun WOD!!!

  13. GusFerg

    Rx’d 12:28
    Saturday morning work outs are my fix!
    ERoc- you were pretty inspirational out there this morning!
    Brendon, thanks for a great work out!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. ERIC S.

    Haha Thanks BAston,
    After seeing Jay doing butterflies, I knew I had to move fast to catch him. FYI -I also sprinted and didn’t jog the 100m.
    See you at the bbq!

  15. Amylynne

    Wod at home

    2 mi run 13:07

    4 RFTs
    25 walking lunges
    50 air squats


    (last time think I ran 1.5 mi and then wod was 8:30?)

  16. BAston

    Understandable my friend…. I’m just busting balls. I’m the last guy who should talk….. Jared is fueling this.

  17. EJ

    DNF – 16 minutes of work got through 5 thrusters into round 10

    The heat or my lack of math skills are to attribute to going 20lbs heavier! Now I don’t feel as bad. I’ve also haven’t been kipping and forgot what cardio effect that has!

    Kept track of each completed round
    Best: 1:02 (Rnd 2)
    Worst: 2:26 (hit wall in round 8)

  18. Jared

    I just want to be clear that I did 10 strict pullups in round 1. If I kipped, I probably would have averaged 50 seconds per round.

  19. jaymeson

    I have one taker so far for hiking tomorrow morning….
    Google it…breakneck ridge in coldspring NY….it’s a great hike/scramble to beautiful views of the Hudson….about an hour from NYC.
    I have room for two or three (one skinny ass) in the car!
    Txt me. 347-385-0424

  20. EJ

    @Jaymeson – translation , on the downlow. Namely, working on recovery from a strain

    Forgot to mention best of luck to Xan today at the Warrior Challenge!

  21. nicola

    DNF – 9 rds at 25 min cut off. #63

    Rds 1-4 were kipping pullups, rest were ring rows. Thought the rrs would go so much faster…not so much. I’m beat.

  22. Jared

    Jaymeson, it’s the designated list. It’s used for injuries in professional sports. The team can then call up or sign a new player when the hurt player is on the list.

  23. what baston said except sub “what? designated list? you call yourself a sports fan jared?!?!” for “tart”

    the blog has caused me to laugh out loud..or LOL as they say.

  24. bfarrel

    Friends, should you need my number, it’s 585.300.9923.

    On another note, Brett Pasher is the best date to Yankee game, ever. Right Brett?

  25. Adam Van Auken

    Great Lakes CrossFit in Bedford Heights, Ohio. WOD –
    15 cleans – 155 – form sucked and could only do about 5 in a row.
    30 t2b – no grip strength from cleans
    30 box jumps – 3 x 10 because these exhaust me
    15 MUs – had to do doubles and triples. Hard to do these tired.
    30 push press – 95. 15 then 10 then 5.
    15 thrusters – Rxed was 135 and wasn’t happening. I did 95 and it took 3 sets.
    30 pull-ups – sets of 5.
    30 burpees
    Down and back lunge with 45.