Saturday Hero

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  1. kpo17

    Two iced cofffees from Dunkin d’s: 4.34.
    Beef jerky: 8
    American flag bandana headband: 2

    Wearing custom made vnecks while road tripping to watch a cfm athlete do the ironman: priceless.

  2. Vikram

    Impressive, KPO. Rounding out the Neil Diamond look with beef jerky. You are a real AmeriCAN – fight for the rights of every MAN.

    Go DT, go! We’re with you brother.

    Will stay away from the shoulder intensive WOD. Going to hit the globo, do my dumb bell rows and TONS of mobility work.

    Rounded shoulders and shallow squats are my enemies…and I shall seek and destroy them.

  3. mcohen

    I am just going to put this out there, I don’t like thrusters.

    9 rounds Rx’d at the 20 minute cutoff.

    DT- Go brother. You are an ironman

  4. BAston

    8 rounds at 75#. My PR at this weight was about 24 minutes, so I take this as a PR. Wasted too much time resting. I hate thrusters, push ups were fine.

  5. Melanie

    @Staten Island CF

    Handstand hold – 1:46

    Partner WOD: everything combined as a team. When one partner drops bar or hold, next partner continues with next rep

    750m row / front rack hold @ 75
    50 burpee / Standing OH hold @ 65
    Ring hold / 50 thrusters @ 55


  6. Brooke


    The good- did 5# more than last core
    The bad- did incline pushups because my shoulders and arms hurt
    The ugly- wrists still hurting… must remember to bring wraps!

    Great job everyone.

  7. ashleigh

    6 rounds + 14

    43lbs went light to really focus on driving through my heels the whole time…and I could feel the difference!

  8. Adam Van Auken

    Black Swamp CrossFit, Toledo, OH. My WOD was way easier than this but fun. 6-person team relay race. 5 rounds of:
    Sandbag sprint (100m maybe)
    20 DL (135)
    10# Medball clean (which was kind of a joke because it was easy and nobody knew how to do it).
    After each tag, we had to do 10 of something each round (burpees, pushups, squats, pushups, squats). This was the perfect amount because it allowed you to go all out during your turn but also keep moving. Good times.

  9. Amylynne

    skin cancer screening at jones beach so i missed the wod. did it on my own so had to modify a bit…

    thrusters with 2 30 lb dumbells and regular pushups
    20:00 flat

  10. rafael

    19:56 rx’d. All eyes…ears…on Lauren

    Brunch double meal and plenty of hard body women

    Jared, whose got problems adding 1+1?

  11. EJ

    Friday night bachelorette party rx’d

    then up at 8am to WOD

    CrossFit KOA – Jerzee

    In Teams of 2:

    10:00 AMRAP – 2 rounds + 17

    -20/14 Wall Balls x 50
    -Situps x 100

    Rest 2:00 then:

    -70/53 KBS
    -24/20 Box jumps

    Rest 1:00 then:

    24 burpees

  12. esantos

    17:32 rx’d

    @jared just because you dont have the endurance to do 10 rounds doesn’t mean I can’t count… It just means you can’t do thrusters. :p