Saturday, January 20th

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  1. dtm

    Post-op recovery WOD
    15 minute continuos single-arm farmers carry w/ 24kg db.

    Did I mention I’m never doing situps again?

    1. Rekas

      Muscle up drills
      False grip kipping pull-ups
      Sit-up/transition work
      Muscle-up negative skill with red band
      Shoulders. Fried.

  2. Liz

    All in kg! Db strict press 10s: 6-8-10-10-10
    Thursday Wod:
    5 bs @67.5kg
    1-1:30 burpees: 11/12/13/13/13 (total 62)
    1:30-4: rest

  3. BAston

    The quest to save my foot: 8:30am acupuncture appointment.

    OG: 3 rounds NFT
    1 minute ass bike sprint / 10 pull ups / 10 ring push ups / 20 GHD

  4. Andy

    8:53 Rx. Not near my PR but plenty room for improvement during these next 6 weeks! Thanks Denise and Kenny for the motivation and not letting me slack too much 🙂