Saturday, January 27th


Saturday, January 27th


For time:
10 muscle-ups
25 thrusters
1,000-meter row
25 thrusters
10 muscle-ups

Men: 75 lb.
Women: 55 lb.

Post time to comments.

30 Responses

  1. sallys

    Thrusters @55#
    5 C2B/5 ring dips + 5 regular pull-ups/5 push ups

    Strung together 2 C2B and failed none! Thanks coach Liz!

  2. Rekas

    13:21 modified
    10 c2b/10 ring-dips
    25 push press @ 65#
    1k row

    banded mu progressions
    5×3 pull/push

    Great job today team!

  3. Jon M

    15:16 rx
    Ideally would not break the thrusters but I did.
    (Would like to improve them)
    MU felt pretty good, sets of 4s, 3s and 2s

  4. D-Nice

    banded flailing pull ups and 12″ box push ups subbed for muscle ups
    55# thrusters
    1.5 mile ass bike subbed for row (took about 4:30)
    didn’t think that one was going to suck as much as it did