Saturday, July 13th, 2013


Saturday, July 13th, 2013

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  1. EJ

    **** SOCIAL EVENTS ****

    **DTUT – FRIDAY, 7/19 at 8PM
    Come join us for a community social at this new spot on the UES. Located on 1744 2nd Avenue (btw 89 & 90)


    Hey everyone – we are planning a trip to the Bronx Zoo on 8/3 to play with JCash and his animals. If interested, please sign up here:

    We are capping this event at 30 people.

    The plan is to meet up with Jason at 2pm. Plan on the visit with the animals to take up the rest of the afternoon. Therefore, if you want to check out the zoo beforehand, come earlier. We will figure out a meeting spot closer to the event.

  2. Kat

    3 rounds + 21 reps in 30 minutes
    Ring rows and pushup modification (as many pushups in 3 sets, 5 seconds plank for each remaining undone pushup)

  3. BAston

    27:56 rx’d (PR of 5 minutes from 9/11/11)

    Pull ups, squats felt great. Sit ups too slow (and ass is torn up).

  4. Nicole

    3rounds+5 in 30 min cap, Rx.

    kipping pullups need to be better, have to learn to make tighter and string more together. pushups were very broken up, these took a long time,but got through them!

    Can’t wait to shower with my ass burn.

  5. johanna

    2 rounds + 75 in 30 min cap

    10 kipping pullups in first set, then switched to jumping pullups for the rest of wod.
    15 strict toe pushups, then down on toes up on knees for other 15, then switched to knee pushups for remainder of sets.

    going as strict as possible for first round really slowed me down, but it felt great to work on form and really push myself.

  6. Benjammin

    stuck at work on this beautiful Saturday so decided to hang with that sexy bitch Annie.

    19 seconds faster than last time with a mid WOD shoe tie and a makeshift ab mat. Felt awesome on the DUs and better than last time on the sit ups.

  7. Jared

    41:18 total

    29:18 of work

    I tried to calculate this, but may have messed up. I did this without a calculator or excel (+ I wasn’t sure where to start).

    1: 3:46
    2: 5:09
    3: 5:54
    4: 6:08
    5: 7:37

    Does this look right? I know for sure the final time on the clock was 41:18.

  8. Joe

    30:39 minutes of work for 4 rounds (39:39 total time)
    my squat sucks
    Rd1 – 6:16
    Rd2 – 7:38 – 25 squats only with 15# plate
    Rd3 – 8:33 – 25 squats only with 15# plate
    Rd4 – 8:01 – 25 squats only with 15# plate

    Will squat with plate form now on until my awful squats are fixed.

  9. Vikram

    2 rounds + 50 reps w/ 20# weight vest

    Thanks to Big Joe Ambrose for vesting it up with me. Slow, but trying to push.

    Fun class!

  10. Vikram

    …oh and verified on the CFM bathroom scale after class:

    Skinny V + 20# vest = Exactly Jason Lightbody

    Not sure what this means. But it’s an interesting data point.

  11. jen

    4rds Rx
    29:07 of work. (38:07 total time)
    Somehow the #s don’t seem to add up but i went by the times on the clock.
    Will keep working on staying hollow during pushups

  12. Rachel

    3 Rounds even in 30 mins
    Ring Rows instead of Pull Ups
    Push Ups last 10 of each round from knees

    Ass Berry as Rx’ed (ouch)

  13. 5 rounds in 39:30. Not counting rest periods and subbing ring rows and modified push-ups.

    Awesome group @11:30! And thanks to Ang for cheering me through that last round!

  14. Sarah P.

    2 rounds + 94 reps with 30 min cap

    Jumping pull-ups and did toe push-ups first round and 10 for second round then from knees for the rest.

  15. Alicia

    39:47 Kipping pull-ups until 4th round then 10 Kipping, 10 RRs, 5th round all RRs – was trying to avoid ripping
    Knee push-ups

    Glad we had a chance to finish

  16. Abby

    33:33 – 5 rounds

    Ring rows
    First three rounds of pushups – 10 regular pushups then dropped to knees. Round 4 & 5 – all knee pushups.

    That was insane.. but I’m glad we got through all 5 rounds. Squats were the only thing keeping me in the game. Great 11:30.

  17. Paige

    3 rounds RX in 24:10 (18:10 min of work)

    I really would have liked to finish this to see how long it would have taken but the next class came in.
    Push-ups I was doing 2 at a time.

    Great coaching Allison. Hollow that shit out.

  18. Melissa T.

    Went to open gym and decided to try Barbara.
    Good thing Jeremy had the same idea!

    Only did three rounds, as the tequila from last night nearly made an appearance. 😛
    Total working time- 14:41

    Modifications: ring rows and half knee push-ups in 2nd and 3rd round.

  19. Carmen

    2 rounds + 30 at 22 minute cap. No idea how much was work, maybe 15 mins? Got confused (and pussed out) and should’ve finished the 3rd round. Bummed we didn’t have time to finish or at least put in 30 mins.

    Mods were: ring rows. All real everything else, proud I stuck with the push-ups, they were happening 1 at a time at the end.

  20. PJ

    BS x5: 165, 175, 185, 195, 205 (3, chickened out), 215 x2.

    Mini bear: 95# (bent row, hang clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push jerk), 6-7 reps.

    Shrugs, hollows, handstand holds.

    Note, I discovered last night meat sweats are real. Crazy. But still felt strong today.

  21. bfarrel

    Started the 4th round in the 22 cutoff, so 3 rounds at 12:45 of work.

    @PJ, meat sweats are real. Word on the street is that John Browns produces some of the best.

    Fun Saturday with everyone. Until next week…