Saturday, June, 15th, 2013


Saturday, June, 15th, 2013


Levitation?!  Impressive, Brian!  Did you make that barbell float, too?

For Time:
9 Thrusters
6 Bar Facing Burpees
15 OHS
6 Bar Facing Burpees
12 Thrusters
6 Bar Facing Burpees
12 OHS
6 Bar Facing Burpees
15 Thrusters
6 Bar Facing Burpees

**  75/105  **

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(Including This Test to See if Your Lack of Thoracic Mobility Makes Overhead Exercises Risky)

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  1. TC

    Cleans – 135(5) – 155(3) – 175(3) – 185(2) – 185(2) – 205(1) – 215(1) – 220(1) – 225(1) – 232(1PR). Failed first attempt at 232, nailed it the 2nd time.

    2 min handstand hold against wall/ 2 min in bottom of squat, 90 seconds of each, 1 min of each, 30 seconds of each. No resting in between.

    Pause back squats – 5X5 – 225 lbs

  2. Kat

    Snatch and clean drills with Allie (thanks so much for all the great cues and tricks!)

    WOD: 42#, 12:30

  3. jen

    63(5) 73(3) 73(3) 83(2) 83(2)
    103fff- cause i cant do math that early in the morning. Meant to do 98 before 103 which is current pr.
    2 min handstand hold against wall/ 2 min in bottom of squat, 90 seconds of each, 1 min of each, 30 seconds of each. No resting in between.
    Back squats: 1×[email protected]% 1rm= 114#

  4. BAston

    12:55 @ 95#

    Weight felt right in warm up so stayed there. Thrusters felt normal, but was surprised how tough the OHS felt. Hoped to stay close to Patrick, not a chance.

    Great 8:30 class. Enjoy the day!

  5. Vikram

    15:56 @ 85#

    OHS were horrible. Disappointed in my form, mobility and ego to push 85#. Learned a lesson.

  6. Paige

    63(5) 83(3) 83(3) 93(2) 93(2)
    went back down to 83 for triples to practice form
    2 min handstand hold against wall/ 2 min in bottom of squat, 90 seconds of each, 1 min of each, 30 seconds of each. No resting in between.
    accessory work:
    3 Rounds NFT of:
    20 GHD sit ups, 20 35# weighted ab mat sit ups

    WOD @ 65#
    time: 13:24
    stepped over barbell instead of jumps

  7. Julesnextdoor

    13:11, thrusters at 40#, OHS at 22# with 5 second hold at the bottom of each one.

    I really have to work on keeping chest out on OHS, I appreciate Allison for making me do OHS with only the bar to work on this aspect of form.

  8. zompetti

    In Boston for the weekend vi. ting family.
    Went to CrossFit torque in foxboro with my brother-in-law.

    Strength: push press: 5 sets to find one rep max
    My one rep before this was 73!!!!!

    Then 5 round amrap: 3 mins on, 1min rest
    3 push press ( 65 #)
    5 burpees
    7 pull ups (with band-all dead hang)

    Averaged two rounds per set.

    The coaches there were great. Though i was the only one who warmed up before the workout

  9. Joe

    Did 75# Thrusters
    Did 35# OHS.

    First time with new Oly shoes….what a difference!!!

    Cash out:
    25 back extensions – have to somehow combat how work is killing me slowly by sitting at a computer all day. 🙁

  10. EJ


    *ROWATHON FOR BOSTON – date change June 30th (9AM – 1PM)*

    FORMING TEAM 2 – we’re looking to possibly put together a second team. Ariel said he wanted to do this, but our team 1 is full. Anyone else interested?

    Note the date change

    Reebok Crossfit 5th Ave will host a Rowathon to benefit Boston’s Children’s Hospital where some of the kids who were injured in the bombings were treated. Entry fee is $25, and each person needs to row a min of 5k for a team total of 26.2 miles. You DO NOT have to be good at rowing to participate!

    BOAT BASIN – Next Saturday, June 22 @ 4pm

    It’s time for another social event!! We’ll be heading down to the Boat Basin Cafe. We’ll have our own dedicated area, so come thirsty! It’s a great way to hang out, meet some new members and celebrate the summer! (West 79th Street on the Hudson River)

    Come thirsty!!

    THEN – Looking for something to do afterwards??

    If you didn’t know, our very own Deepak is a DJ and his record label is hosting a day/night party at TBA Brooklyn.

    here’s the fb invite:

    it was written up in the ny times this past weekend in the fashion and style section for top underground dance clubs. would be great to get some of wooly xfit characters out!

  11. sara

    53# felt doable during warm-up, but became too heavy during second set of OHS. Scaled to 43# for remainder.

  12. chad

    13:26 @ 63lbs

    got sloppy but tried hard to pull it together, and got the worst headache probably from too much caffeine, thanks to Steph and Michelle for helping put away my stuff

  13. kpo17


    15:30 at 85 lbs. thanks to the 11:30 for the push at the end, always makes such a huge difference!

  14. jmiz

    Globo strength day

    EMOM – 5 rds at 155#
    Deadlift / HPC / Front Squat / Push Press

    Bottom to bottom cleans:
    155 (4) – 165 (3) – 170 (3, T-PR)

    5 rounds of handstand hold into HSPU

  15. Melissa T.

    Got in a little open gym action.

    6×5 back squats (was going to go up but decided to get more volume instead)

    5×10 GHD sit-ups, alternating with 5×5 back extensions

  16. johanna

    Open Gym:
    Snatch Practice, worked up to 73#, then dropped back to 53# for hang snatch practice.

    Annie: 11:53
    Got a new jump rope, and was having trouble getting my DUs, so I did Annie to push myself. They finally started to happen during the round of 30, then it was easy.

  17. EJ

    TGU 2×5 12kg

    Made up Wednesdays deadlift
    20 @ 165
    10 @ 190
    5 @ 210 (pause after each rep)

    7:23 Rx

    Then clean the gym as rx’d

  18. chad

    Open Gym: du practice
    crossfit total 495
    squat 135, 155, 175(pr), press 85, 105 fail, 95, DL 135, 155, 225(pr),
    First Kipling pull up thanks to coaching from Jon(pr)