Saturday, June 21, 2013 – Party Time!!


Saturday, June 21, 2013 – Party Time!!



Against a 12 Minute Clock…
21-15-9 @ 165/225
Back Squat

… Immediately Followed By …

12 x Every Minute on the Minute
3 Explosive Broad Jumps Up the Hill
Sprint Up the Hill 30Yds
Walk Down to the Start While Recovering

(As Soon as the 12 Minutes is Up, Part 2 Begins.  Your Recovery between both Workouts is Determined by How Quickly You Finish “Squatting Fran”.  So load your bar appropriately!)

You Have Plans!
Social at the Boat Basin Cafe
4PM @ 390 W 79th St & Hudson River
Friends & Family Very Welcome
Cash Only Bar (ATM on Site)
After Party
Check Out Deepak @ TBA’s in Brooklyn
Click Here for Event Info & Tickets

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  1. PJ

    Kickin’ ass at 1.0 – nice! I’m coming up on 3 year anniversary of CFM and very happy to still be on the bus w elove and his merry band. Thx to our coaches and everyone that makes this a great, special community. As the great Nick Profita used to say, “remember, it’s just working out” – and that is still half right.

    Peace, love, and Pantera music to you and yours,

  2. Jared

    9:36 w/ Patrick @ 225.

    First round of squats was unbroken, second round was 3 sets and last round was 2 sets. Pullups were only broken up in the second round.

    Stopped short during the second workout because of a slight groin pull.

  3. Vikram

    Cheers PJ! You’re an awesome bud and role model of how to be a fit dad…always looked up to you.

    11:43 with Brian (not Aston) @ 165#

    All 12 sprints…

    Fun! Really enjoying the programming lately.

  4. patrick

    9:36 w/ Jared @225

    Partnering with Jared definitely pushed me to get through the squats as fast as possible. Did all 3 sets unbroken, although I did rest significantly with bar on back during the round of 15

    Not sure how I made it through the sprints without puking…lol. My body really wanted to.

  5. Amylynne

    123# with steph miller. not sure of our time. did first 21 BS unbroken…then not so much.

    sprints were ok but the jumps were pathetic.

    sass, i used the weight vest for the whole wod. ;oP

  6. Julesnextdoor

    11:41 with Jess, squats at 83#. Still gotta keep that chest up but i think other parts of form are getting bette. Huge , fun 8:30 class, props to the super who screamed at a car during our hill sprints.

  7. TC

    Snatch singles – worked up to 170 lbs
    Snatch balance – doubles at 135, working on speed
    Tabata hollow rocks

  8. Joe

    7:[email protected]# – warmed up 155# but decided that would probably take me closer to the 12 min cap so went with 135 and tried to push faster.

    Wod2: I call it “chasing Gus”, or “being chased and passed by Gus”, or getting smoked off the line by Gus” or “barely nudging past Gus off the line only to have him blow past me”. 🙂

    Had a great time at 9:30 with Gus, Carmen and Darcey!
    “Old is the new skinny!!” – Carmen
    “pushups aren’t excercise, they are getting your fat ass off the floor” – BBoy
    “If your not first, your last” – Ricky Bobby


  9. Amylynne

    Anyone like brandi carlile?! I have two extra tickets front center right to the show in danbury, ct on July 20th. selling for face value ($40 each) and if you don’t have a way to get there, would even drive you as long as you can stomach hearing me sing the entire way there and back. ALRIGHT! email me for more info ([email protected]) ;o)

  10. Jess

    11:41 @83# with Julie
    gotta stop being so bouncy at the bottom of the squat.

    Second WOD, good times I’m sure it looked pretty interesting to all the people in the neighborhood!

  11. Paige

    snatch doubles and triples 52 & 57
    Singles up to 67#

    5×2 Back Squats @ 133#

    21-15-9 kipping pull ups
    tabata hollow rock holds

  12. lauren

    Snatches: 53-63-68-73-78f-78f-78f-63f-63-68
    Skin the cats into imperceptible front levers
    Strict HSPUs: 3-2-2-1-1
    Tabata hollow holds

    WOD: 11:30 w/ Kim at 105, kipping pullups (first 21 squats unbroken)
    Jump/sprint combo

    PHEW! Apologies if I frightened you all with my squat screams. They were necessary!

    9:30 AM tomorrow – Meet at 79th and 5th. NO hills – I promise. [email protected] if you need me 🙂

  13. dlede

    garage gym strength work

    3 Rounds

    275# Deadlift (6 reps)
    25# Weighted Dips (6 reps)
    225# Back Squat with Chains (6 Reps)
    1.5 pood Pullups (6 Reps)

  14. ERIC S.

    Wod #1 done solo
    5:25 rx
    That was a tough one, legs will definitely be sore. Pullups unbroken.

    Wod #2
    Sprints with a Puerto Rican (Shane) a Cuban (me)and a Jew (Jon) Sounds like boy band group.
    Those guys are fast.

  15. Ben O

    DNF – I had 5 pullups remaining at the cutoff (165#).

    Chasing after Alicia made the sprints less awful.

  16. Darcy

    7:59 @ 83#
    Jumping pull ups

    Hill sprints, not as bad as I thought, although toward the end I was hopping, not jumping!

  17. PJ

    BS x3: 165-185-195-200-205. 135×10
    Bent row x10: 115-115-115
    Shrugs: 135×10, 225x 10, 275x 5
    Hollows and ab stuff.

  18. stephmil

    check out that sassy stare down by Larkin!
    123# with amylynne….10:30ish
    (sorry for holding you back, superwoman)

  19. Carmen

    Fun small class with Darcy, Joe & Gus.
    63# @ 7:54? Jumping pull-ups. Can’t remember time and didn’t journal – wah!
    Sprints were not as bad as I thought they’d be and it was handy to have Darcy to chase for the push (yes, I realize she is probably a full foot shorter than me.)