Saturday, June 29th, 2013


Saturday, June 29th, 2013


10 Rounds For Time:
10 Thrusters

15 Push-Ups

65/95lbs; Hollow Body, Elbows In

Good Luck to Everyone During the Tri-State Games & Masters Comp Today!!
Push Hard & Have FUN!

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  1. EJ

    Holiday weekend schedule

    July 4th – 10am WOD in the park
    July 5th – 9AM and 3:30PM
    July 6th – 10AM CF for Hope -we’ll also have an open gym
    July 7th – normal

  2. Melanie

    Mainsite WOD:
    12 min AMRAP
    10 burpees
    25 double unders


    Good luck to all the CFM competitors at TriState and Masters this weekend!

  3. zompetti

    Front Runners LGBT Pride Run in Central park
    5 miles
    averaged just over 10 minutes per mile. It. was. so. so. humid!

    last mile was about 9:30.

    Such a Happy Awesome race!

  4. Rolf

    Time 19:27. 65# thrusters all unbroken. Push ups were tough.

    Good luck to everyone competing today.

  5. bfarrel

    @BAston aren’t we all trying to catch Steph in front of us?

    17:42 as rx’d. Push-ups make thrusters fun.

  6. Paige

    Time: 21:36 Rx weight (dropped to knee push ups)

    Thanks to Ariel for finishing with me over the cap….and putting on those extra 2lbs

    cashout MMA style
    weighted sit-ups @ 35#

  7. Melissa T.

    Good luck and congrats to all the competitors today!! Tristate and Masters.

    Going to try and survive a run in the park then head to open gym for some practice.

  8. lauren

    Just a reminder that there’s no official EWOD tomorrow. Check the Facebook page if you need inspiration. Cannot wait to hear all the competition stories when I get back!!!

    Xoxo from Iceland
    Gym Belle

  9. Melissa T.

    3 mile run/jog in Central Park
    Open Gym:
    (modified from Tuesday’s WOD)
    5 rounds (2min on, 1min off):
    15KB w/16kg
    7 front squats @63#
    Push press with remaining time – used 15# dumbbells
    PP total: 46
    Thanks to Sally for doing this wod with me!
    Cash out: alternating 5×10 GHD sit-ups and back extensions

  10. EJ

    Congrats to all our Tri-State Games Competitors!! What started out as an overcast day, ended up being quite a sunny afternoon.

    A great performance by everyone!!! Be sure you congratulate them all when you see them (Jen G, Joe B, Jon B, Cat, Sandy, Shane, Jess, Patrick, Wing and Alicia) !! Special shout out to Johanna, Karin and Sean who placed in the top 10 in their division!

    This was a first time competition for some of them and a first time going to rx’d divisions for others. Super super inspiring!! Very proud of you guys.

    Oh – and be sure you guys say congrats to Cat on competing on her BIRTHDAY!!!

  11. sassypants

    First time competing rx’d here… I was trying to find a reason to quit all week, after finding out there was so damned much running and box jumps in the competition…in the end, I don’t care where I placed, just glad to have stuck with it and shared a very fun day with some awesome people.

    And thanks to Coach EJ for coming all the way out to support us. It means a lot when your coach cares that much!

  12. johanna

    Tri-state games today! Check out the WODs here:
    and the leaderboard here:

    Some thoughts on today:

    THANK YOU LAUREN for pushing me on EWODs because my running has improved so much. You know I have always hated running, and I was never a runner, let alone a sprinter. Today, my running helped get me to the finals. =)

    Placing into the finals and having to do two more WODs did not feel like a prize. I was so tired by the last WOD, I was dragging… FIVE WODs in one day is not for the weak… But I am still very proud of myself for placing in the top 10- showed my hard work isn’t all for nothing! I’m making actual, tangible improvements. =)

    HUGE congrats to the ladies who did Rx today. I know it was hard, but you inspired the rest of us. I know I could not have done that!

    CFM has some amazing form, and we really show that in competition, so thank you to all the coaches who push us every day. Thank you especially to EJ who came out to spend the day with us and coached and cheered!

    Chad took some great pictures too. We are sorting them and will post them on facebook or flickr, whichever one works and let y’all know. (Sean, you on FB yet??) Congrats again to everyone. Happy Birthday Cat!! You rock!

  13. Jeremy B

    Hi all, late posting from this morning.
    7 + 16 (75 lbs)

    Push-ups were affected more by thrusters than I expected. Super-charged 930 class.

  14. Joe

    Thank you EJ for coming out and supporting us. Your coaching is always appreciated but especially on a day like today. We had a great big fun crew today LEAD by you! Thank you!!

    For me I came in 16th out of 25 scaled. My 2nd comp and feel like i made so much progress from my first. Cankle survived with minor pain.

    Wod#1 – 3 RFT – 10 minute cap
    10 burpees with jump onto plate
    20 weighted ball slams over shoulder 50#
    30 box jumps or step ups (i did steps)

    Wod#2 – for time 12 minute cap
    5 front squats @95#, 30 weighted jump ropes, 400 meter run
    10 FS, 30 jump ropes, 400 meter run
    15 FS, 30 jump ropes, 400 meter run

    Wod#3 – 5 minute cap
    3 KB swings @40# – 100 yard sprint
    6 KB swings – 100 yard sprint
    9, 12,15,18 swings
    68 reps – got through the round of 18 swings

    So much fun and more importantly, SO MUCH FORM STANDARDS!!! I am telling you, there are other solid standards out there, but there is some serious crap out there too!!!

    Thanks Coaches!

    Pork Bag is my boy…..Your my boy Pork Bag!!!!