Saturday K-Hour, May 14th


Saturday K-Hour, May 14th


Hero WOD


Ten rounds for time of:
1 Short Hill Sprint
7 Chest to bar pull-ups
7 Front squat, 135/95
7 Handstand push-ups

35 Minute Time Cap

Post time or rounds + reps to Comments.

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  1. stephmil

    hi amigos,

    looking for a studio/1 bedroom sublet for July if anyone knows of anything!
    let me know!

  2. johanna

    4+4 Rx then my hand ripped and finished 6 rounds with ring rows for the last 11 C2B.
    HSPUs were a disaster until I figured it out during the 3rd round.

  3. dtm

    Modified for Hunting Camp
    10 Rounds NFT
    30 Walking Lunges
    7 FS w/ 52.5# DBs
    7 HSPU

    Definitely the most HSPU in one sitting, it might be time to dial up Diane again in the near future.

  4. JLee

    Left knee pain must be the rain

    Came to OG to work on hips and ankles
    Worked on front squats up to 155×5
    Sprinkled in a few sets of pull ups and push presses

    So almost the same thing…

  5. Melissa TruHero

    OG “Hungover Jackie”
    Not the smartest idea I ever had. All the movements felt easier except the wanting to pukie the whole time.
    11:50 rx’d (not a PR but pretty sure I’d do a lot better fresh)

    Thanks to Derek for volunteering to join me after heavy jerks!

  6. 7 rounds plus a 150 meter run. Had to stop after round 4 to put hand wraps on (yes they are soaked in blood). Chest to bars are getting there , subbed in strict HSPU with 4 ab mat target

  7. Arnaldo

    This was one I feared before and during…and still after:

    7 rounds
    Hill Sprint
    5 Chest to Bar Pull up
    7 Front Squats @ 7 lbs
    7 elevated Pike Push Ups

    I loved it afterwards!

  8. lizzy

    9 + 1 hill sprint

    7 c2b pull-ups w/ black band
    7 fs 85#
    1 wall walk
    That one hurt!

  9. PlayGurlPattyG

    7 rounds I don’t know what my times are or what weights I had. And ring rows the run kills me no basic pull ups