Saturday KHour, July 9th

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  1. BAston


    8 minute EMOM strict press @ 95# reps until failure. They dropped quickly.

    Partner Wod for time:

    Push Press @ 95#
    Ball Slams @ 30#
    Partner runs 200m while the other does work

    14:38 (partnered with a 68 year old guy, I handled him on push press) 🙂

  2. Tapout

    73# squat I can’t wait until I can feel my calf again. Although I did enjoy doing 73#!

    Great Rx job Darcy!!

  3. robseda

    Tried to make me do some back squats, but my back said no, no, no.

    14+6 rx

    watched dquat do Karen with the 30# ball

  4. PlayGurlPattyG

    31:23 I tried to Rx but had to come down to 113 Next Time… Miss you guys all week so happy I made it in.

  5. dquat

    strict press and overhead squat
    built up to moderate double 175/155

    karen w 30lber
    a shade over 15mins. that was interesting. thanks for the push Rob.