Saturday KHour, May 7th


Saturday KHour, May 7th


The Whole Life Challenge starts today! Here’s everything you need to know.
Show up tomorrow (Sunday) at 10:30am for the Whole Life Challenge Baseline workout!


For time:
21 Deadlifts, 275/185
5 Hill sprints
15 Deadlifts
3 Hill sprints
9 Deadlifts
1 Hill sprint

Compare to 3/15/2015.

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  1. Kim

    25:55 RX
    Full disclosure: walking happened

    Special shout out to Cullen, Mother of Hill Sprints.

  2. Melissa TruHero

    Crossfit LPF, Coconut Creek, FL

    4 RFT the “Elite” division (35min cap)
    12 40/30lb Med ball slams (outside of course)
    100m sprint
    12 C2B pull-ups
    12 box jump overs 32/24
    50 double unders
    25 hollow rocks
    – this was horrible and everything I hate but it needed to be done. Major hand rip in the 3rd round so had to switch to burpees instead of c2b

    New box with new equipment and racks that were ‘one size fits all’ which didn’t fit the vertically challenged so much.

    Cash out: beach!

  3. BigTuck

    20:55 Rx

    BAston made up that extra hill sprint he “might” have missed by making sure I ran on the last one. Thanks B.

    Good job going Rx Kenny!

  4. Kimbie

    22:54 153#; lame-ish but at least I got my whole life 8 hours of sleep by waking up at noon!

    worked on hook grip…my hands are burning