Saturday, November 12th


Saturday, November 12th

Kryptonite Hour 

For time:
1,000-m row
50 wall-ball shots
50 box jumps
750-m row
35 wall-ball shots
35 box jumps
500-m row
25 wall-ball shots
25 box jumps

Use a 20/14-lb. ball and a 24/20-in. box.

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  1. a)
    Recent mainsite:
    3 rounds of:
    5 strict toes-to-bars
    5 strict knees-to-elbows
    10 toes-to-bars
    10 hip-back extensions
    20 back extensions
    20 hip extensions
    – hooray for Dr Frankel and her GHD!

    strict HSPU 6-5-4-4-3
    First time inverted in quite some time (banged up the ole wrist this summer and couldn’t support). Happy with this result. Dips have some transfer.

  2. Rekas

    Full extension at the top of every box jump
    WBs (30.20;20.15,15.10)
    legs felt heavy towards the end..time for a bagel!

  3. Melissa TruHero

    24:06 RX’d
    Chasing Jo after round 1, killing me on the box jumps which were slowwww AF.
    Thanks for joining me in my cardio hell, Jo!

  4. johanna

    22:41 Rx
    last one off the rower the first round, made up ground on the box jumps. couldn’t catch chad’s time. womp womp.

  5. JoJo

    solo 12:45pm with help from Kenny 🙂 making me move

    20:53 Rx

    Accessory work: EMOM 10min 5 T2B
    5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5 total 50

    FPP Day 3: 5,4,3,3,2 with 10lb weight

  6. 22:27 Rx
    Working out next to DTM and Ephrain help focus the mind

    Boulders for Shoulders Workout I found on @HyperfitUSA
    8 Seated Press
    15 Lateral Raise
    10 Behind the Neck Military PRess

    5 Rounds for Quality, 2 min rest. Went very light because this one burned the ol’ deltoids

    Then watched JOJO light da bitch up with a sub 21 min on the WOD

  7. El Capitan

    strict hspu 9-8-8-7-6

    90 sec amrap power snatch @135
    17 reps

    Metcon for time
    30 hspu
    30 power snatch 95lbs.
    60 t2b
    30 ohs 95lbs.
    30 hspu
    13:18 rx