Saturday, October 1st


Saturday, October 1st

Kryptonite Hour

5 Hang Power Clean, 135/95
10 Wallballs, 20/14
Pull-Ups, Max Set

Repeat this triplet until you have completed 100 reps of the pull-up.

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  1. johanna

    50 pullups in 21:39 Rx (11-9-9-8-9-4) got through those last 4 with a hand rip.
    really feeling crappy, glad september is over and thankful for some short work weeks to get back on track.

  2. Melissa TruHero

    77 reps in 22 min RX’d
    Ripped at the 22 min mark
    15lb wall ball because there were no more 14lb

    Big improvements on my pull-ups and Kips – 9 or 10 each round!

  3. BAston

    22:29 rx’d (20/15/15/10/13/13/10/4)

    Took a long rest for what I hoped to be my last set of 14 and couldn’t hang on). That added about 1 1/2 minutes.

    Tough but fun Wod.

  4. JLee

    Moderate day in the park

    1 lap around the reservoir. 13 mins or so

    16 min EMOM
    Odd: Strict pullups 5 down to 3 by the end
    Even: Strictish T2B 6 or 7 per round

    Got intimidated by the dude doing gymnastics stuff and called it a day

  5. sassypants

    OG with El Capitan

    Snatch doubles up to 88# (PR)
    Singles 93, 98 F(x3) booooooo

    Jerk triples @70% (88#)

    4 rounds
    12 FS
    50 dub
    16 something I’m tired

    1. ERIC S.

      OG with Sass
      Sometimes watching someone snatch helps you get a better understanding of speed. You can only give someone so many cues. You just have to execute!
      8×2 snatches @145
      6×3 split Jerks @170

      Wod 4 rounds
      24/18 cal row
      12 front squats @155/105
      50 dubs
      *from the floor yo
      13:35 as Rx’d

  6. Roberts

    50 pull ups with a red band
    Stopped around the 20 minute mark because I had enough ????
    Everything hurts

  7. patrick

    Capped at 25min

    switched to Ring Rows after the first 10 pullups.

    93 reps at 25min using the 30# wallball

  8. sallys

    63 Rx, should have done more pull-ups each round since my WBs are crap. Majorly sore from running JT.

    Now I have a fever. Legit excuse not to do hill sprints yay!