Saturday, September 14th, 2013


Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Looking good, Nicole!  Your pants are almost as awesome as your squat!

5 Rounds
3 Power Snatches
3 Snatch Pulls
3 Power Snatches
Rest 2 Minutes

The goal is to not drop the bar.  Do 3 Burpees for each drop during the rest period.


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    Out at the bar, having my 1 intermediate WLC drink/week. Jameson neat. Does the trick of 2 cocktails #workingthesystem

  2. Tapout

    Great fun this morning. Good to do light weight and actually feel the bar “fly” up. And thanks B for the instruction and making us all do the work out together, you could feel it starting to flow. Will look into the Oly sessions for sure.

  3. Kat


    Awesome class! Brendan’s coaching was great. It’s a complicated lift and he did SUCH a great job breaking it down.

    Yuan sure is stylish…

  4. Carmen

    That was fun and good work on a lift I haven’t done much. 35# to dial in form.

    25 back extensions and 100 ABMAT sit-ups cash out.

    Oh and 3 strict pull-ups. I was right, the minute I dropped the extra 5 lbs I picked up at the end of summer, the pull-ups came back. Now it’s time to build up strength for more reps.

  5. BAston

    Open Gym:

    Worked on KB swings with ERoc, getting low and working the ass & hammy’s.

    Josh: 21-15-9 OHS @ 95#, 42-30-18 Pull Ups
    9:57 (PR of 1:53 from 1/31/2012)
    OHS unbroken on 21&9, broke once on 15
    Pull Ups can be way better. Broke into sets of 4-5 after doing a few at 12-10.

    3×10 GHD’s with 6# WB / Back Extensions with 10# plate (Melissa absolutely smoked me on these! She made it all look easy) 🙂

  6. Melissa T.

    Open gym: 20 min of mobility work
    About 30-40 min of overhead squats and snatch work/practice. 3 EMOM. Felt these start to click but definitely need lots more practice. 53#

    Cash out: 4×10 GHD sit-ups with 6# med ball (thanks for giving me something new to play with BAston!) and 4×10 alternating back extensions and reverse hypers

  7. EJ

    EMOM 10×1 Snatch 107#
    Deads 3(175-185-200) *re-set each time*
    Glute Ham raises 3×10

    20 Mins
    20 Lunges
    10 Push ups
    10 DB Snatches 25#
    50M med ball carry 20#
    9 rounds