Saturday, September 30th


Saturday, September 30th

Heads up! Next Saturday, October 7th is anotherĀ Bring-A-Friend Day!
Share the love. Share the hurt.


On a 20-minute clock, for max reps/pounds:
Partner 1:
0:00-2:00 Handstand push-ups
2:00-4:00 Rest
4:00-6:00 Double-unders
6:00-8:00 Rest
8:00-10:00 1-rep-max back squat
Then, Partner 2:
10:00-12:00 1-rep-max back squat
12:00-14:00 Rest
14:00-16:00 Double-unders
16:00-18:00 Rest
18:00-20:00 Handstand push-ups

Post total reps for handstand push-ups and double unders, and squat weight to Comments.

8 Responses

    1. BAston

      As always, what Joe said.

      HSPU were crap today, and kept tripping up on dubs. Happy with my squat considering how my knee / feet have been.

      Need to get back to work.