Saturday WODnic!


Saturday WODnic!


Surprise Partner Workout!

There are no classes at the gym today.  Meet at the park for the WODnic!
Meeting place/Directions to the Pinetum  (Thanks to Brooke!) :
If you are on the east side, enter th park just above the Met at about 83rd St. Walk up the walkway, cross the east drive (where all the bikers and runners are) and walk into the center of the park. You’ll see the Great lawn ahead. The pinetum is in the northwest corner of the oval (you’ll see some pullup bars and swings)

10am WOD
Immediately Followed by the Picnic

Bring a lunch or snacks for you and to share if you’re feeling generous!  Don’t forget a water bottle and a towel.

See you tomorrow for some fun!

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.
–  Tom Stoppard

A healthy outside starts from the inside.
–  Robert Urich

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  1. Brett

    @ Allie – You are quoting Dan Tanna from Vegas? Spenser from Spenser for Hire?

    Should we expect future inspiraional quotes from Ralph Mouth from Happy Days? A double under video from Carlton from the Fresh Prince? Diet Tips from Jan Brady?

  2. mcohen

    Crossfit Westchester

    20 min AMRAP
    4 HSPU
    8 burpee jump over the box
    12 toe to bar

    6 rounds and 5 reps Rx’d

    Enjoy the picnic. It’s just too hot to come in to the city

  3. Vikram

    So damn blessed to have found the CFM family. Every single one of you.

    Death by 10 meters? =>15
    400-21 burps-400 =>4:43

    Loving the summer WODnics.

  4. death by 10 meters => did 11, died at 12
    metcon – 6:55

    loved the central park workout!

    see you guys at molly’s tomorrow after the tri

    laters –

  5. Amylynne

    death by 10-ish meters: got through 14 and quit. yes, i quit. im a loser. thanks melissa. lol

    metcon: 4:48

    AWESOME job to those who pushed beyond 14 in the death by 10ish. really inspiring.

    sunscreen on 3!

  6. Brett

    Death by 10 meters – finished 14 and was 5 meters short on the 15th round. Should have gotten there.

    Yankeecon 6:06. Ran well but burpees slow.

    Glad I ate Rafael’s chicken before the dog jumped into it. Not sure I would have enjoyed that added flavor!

  7. DT

    Death by 10 meters was deceptively tough and I’m deceptively beat up. About a length short on the 16th round. Great to push w you Gus- fuckin awesome work bro.

    Had nothing left for the metcon, 5.37. Way slow burpees.

    Great day everyone, nice work!

  8. lauren

    Morning: yoga (fun to see you there, Brad!)

    Afternoon: Playing at globo gym. Burgener warm up (PVC for 3 rnds, 9lb body bar for 3 rounds), 3 sets of 12 single arm dumbell rows @ 15lbs, 3 deadhangs on the minute for 10 min, 500m row (~4 seconds off PR)

  9. AllisonNYC

    I’m not very fond of grass, dirt, bugs or being drenched in sweat to say the least… But I’m VERY fond of all of you! So because of that, this morning rocked.

    You all kicked butt on both workouts. Very brutal to put out that kind of effort in the sun.
    Extra proud of my Mama and Boo for joining in the fun. Thanks Nikki & Melissa for being so encouraging to them <3

    Brett, sorry but you shouldn't judge my puppy. That chicken was GOOD and you know you've rubbed yourself in your favorite foods before, too!

    The newbies did great! Three new family members 😀 Justin, Marilyn & Shelly!

  10. bfarrel

    Part two: hosting a party tonight. All are welcome to come over. It’s at 221 E 82nd Street, Apt 6B. We’re grilling and have plenty of non Paleo drinks. Give me a buzz at 585.300.9923 or just come by.