Saturday’s Team WOD Colors!! Wear Yours!


Saturday’s Team WOD Colors!! Wear Yours!

Paige and Amy representing CFM and 6AM at Beat the Streets at CrossFit Virtuosity last weekend.
Two FABULOUS girls who are both getting fitter by the day. 

AMRAP in 20 Minutes:
2 Muscle-Ups
8 KBS  24/36

In preparation for this Saturday‘s first CFM in house Team Competition, get your outfit ready and sport your team colors!!!!

Team 1BLACK ninjas
Team 2RED sex panthers
Team 3GREEN weiners
Team 4BLUE balls

(We have some dirty minds in our gym!  😉

It’s going to be great!  Come in your team colors to represent your team and cheer on your teammates!

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  1. Vikram

    6 AM gals – Paige & Amy – so strong. Already competing. Love the picture.

    Just wish I didn’t have to chase them through every WOD…Eroc what did you feed these people?

  2. Adam Van Auken

    10 + 2 HSPUs rx’d which is the same as last time. I’m not sure I can improve much here but I’ll try. I think the only time I can rest is between my 2 sets of HSPUs. So, I need to go into MUs right after KBs and then knock out 2 HSPUs. Then tally score and rest.

  3. mcohen

    6 rounds.

    Mostly handstand holds and/or negatives. Muscleups and KB’s Rx’d.

    The good news is I got it in my head that there was no way I was putting down that 2 Pood KB, and I didn’t. The bad is that I really have to work on shoulder/thoracic mobility so I can conquer the handstand pushup.

  4. Rolf

    7 + 2dips. Tackled the big dog today. 2 pood. Muscle ups will come one day ….maybe 2015…

    Team blue balls… We have 10 strong… But we are team blue balls so don’t say ur gonna come and than not. Yeah i went there!

  5. BAston

    Well done, Rolf….

    Taking a rest day (was going to run, but figured I’d give the foot another day).

    I am selling 2 Yankees vs. red sux tickets for this coming Monday, October 1st. They are in section 414, row 11, seats 26-27 (on the aisle, right by 1st base). $54 for the pair, which is face value. Drop me a line at [email protected] if interested.

    See the 6am crew tomorrow.

  6. Paige

    9 rounds + HSPU

    for Muscle ups-2 strict pull ups and 2 negative ring dips.
    I did the HSPU wrong- did negatives onto the ab mat. I think it would have been better to do negatives (no ab mat) or just a hold as per Allison. Apparently my ears were clogged when she said that this am.

    @Rolf- loved seeing you in the AM….felt like our dysfunctional family was more complete 🙂

  7. Melanie

    8 + 4KBS

    – subbed 2:1 pull ups/ring dips for MU
    – negatives HSPUS.. these are getting easier but after round 5 needed to put an abmat down to ease my fall
    – first time using 24kg for KBS. Only brought it up to right above eye level but it felt good and no back pain so I’ll take it.

  8. Ron

    Solid work 6am!

    7+HSPUs. Did get 8 legit HSPUs, transitioned to negatives until the last set.

    Non-MUs; Ring pull ups with dips.

    See you all on Sunday and good luck to all on Sat.

    AVA: 10!

  9. AllisonNYC

    Team Blue Balls.. Don’t say you’re gonna come and then you don’t.
    hahhaha!! Rolf that’s pretty ridiculous! You really set your team up with that one!

    I organized the t-shirts and sweatshirts! That means it will actually be easy for you guys to buy them! It’s a great time to buy a sweatshirt now that the mornings are getting a little chilly. They’re super cozy on the inside!

    I’m thinking we should have a class picture day soon where everyone wears the CFM uniform of t-shirt or sweatshirts.. You can cut them up to fit your personal style!

    GIRLS.. I know the t-shirts are a little boxy.. (they ordered them before I came and didn’t have the girls POV… poor boys don’t know anything!) BUT with a snip snip here and a cut cut there, you can have the most stylish t-shirt in all the land!!

    25 for the t-shirts, 45 for the kick ass sweatshirts!

  10. alexsnape

    6 rounds + 2 muscle ups + 4 HSPUs + 2 kettle bell swings RX’d

    first time with 2 pood and it felt surprisingly manageable.

  11. Joe

    Mod Wod but most I’ve done in a while and it felt good!!

    MU’s – subbed with chin-ups and dips x2
    HSPU – subbed with regular pushups x 8
    KB swings @ 24kg

    9 rounds plus 2 chinups

  12. marilina

    8 rounds, I think i forgot one (?)
    MU’s Rx’d
    HSPU w/ Ash’s help – lot of love for Ash and her patience
    KB: started w/12, then moved to 16, should have stayed. I need to stay away from grip strength, it’s making my elbow pain return.

    When I came home, Mikey said, “You did the MUs but can’t do HSPU?” Translate: “What’s wrong with you?”

  13. dlede

    6 + 2mu +1 hspu rx

    strict hspu this time around, and man after tuesday my shoulders were smoked going into this.. first HSPU was like wow I am sore

    really struggled but kept pushing through .. good thing to come out of today is that when I get stuck down at the bottom of the handstand I now have the strength to push back up from full stop.. big progress there

  14. jen

    Strict Pullups/ring dip negatives for mu
    Pike pushups red box – these had to be really close to hspu, especially towards end. Really tough.
    16 kg kb

  15. rick

    7 rounds +2 false grip ring pull-ups

    Surprised myself with my first 2 HSPUs right before the start of this wod. Pulled off 1 more during the wod but had to move back to feet on the box. Reason enough for me to finally create an account and post 🙂