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Metropolis Fit Facility Info

156 E 100th St, New York, NY 10029

We facilitate transformational fitness. Whatever your goal may be – to lose weight, get stronger, get fit or to feel better throughout your day – we facilitate transformation in overall health by challenging the limits of willpower, strength, and confidence. Metropolis is a diverse community of everyday folks from all walks of life committed to working hard, having fun and living our best lives through fitness.

We prioritize creating a safe and inviting environment for everyone, regardless of where you may be in your fitness journey, with a program that consists of constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. Our members show up each day for one hour to work hard, listen to some beats and give high-fives. We stay focused, fully present and compare ourselves to no one but ourselves.

Metropolis has one goal in mind for its members: to create healthier, happier, fitter versions of ourselves with benefits translating across all aspects of life – personally and professionally. Simply put – live better, for longer.