Scheduling Info for 10:30am


Scheduling Info for 10:30am

Check out Cat being a Total Badass!!!

“Quarter Gone Bad” (almost)
5 Rounds:
15 Seconds – Thrusters 95/135
Rest 45 Seconds
15 Seconds – SDLHP  95/135
Rest 45 Seconds
15 Seconds – Burpees
Rest 45 Seconds

Paleo Challenge Workout Hour will be at 10:30.
Challenge participants will have an opportunity to do another one of the required workouts in a class environment.


If you’re not doing the Paleo Challenge, come to the 8:30, 9:30 or 11:30 Classes.  10:30am will be for the Paleo Challenge participants ONLY.

Reminder! Dr.Mike workshop will be at 12:30 this Sunday.  Open Gym will be canceled in preparation for this Awesome Event!  Be there!!

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  1. EJ

    Good luck to

    – Paige and Amy at the Steve’s Club Fundraiser at CF Virtuosity
    – Our CF Endurance runners out with Eroc at the 5th Avenue Mile
    – Our CF athletes at the CMC Combine Race in Brooklyn

    Take lots of photos guys!

    **Tomorrow’s workshop is a seminar. If you’d like a free consultation (first come first serve for sign up tomorrow), please come in workout clothes.

  2. mcohen

    It’s Saturday. And that means OLY work.

    Clean work. Getting the first pull into the proper place to initiate the jump.

    Wod of 1 clean and then jerk 1 clean and then push press. Every minute in the minute for 10 minutes. From 95 lbs up to 115.

    Shout out to those competing today. Good luck to all of you.

  3. Vikram

    Awesome to look over and see Nick crushing it…

    Thanks to Brett for goading me to pick up a 95 lbs bar…first time! Felt pretty good.

    78 reps @ 95 lbs thrusters & 16 kg pulls ups

  4. Joe

    minor tweeks to Quarter Gone Bad
    5 rounds
    20 seconds on, 40 seconds off
    1 pood 1 arm KB thrusters
    1.5 pood kb swings
    24″ box jumps on mats starting from a squat

    131 reps

    Couldn’t help but notice the multiple references to the “Jared Bar” when talking about the low pull-up bars at the gym!!

  5. jmiz

    Paleo Christine w/ BW @ 172
    16:33 as rx’ed
    As a note to self, do not do last night’s workout before this one. My core is shredded.

  6. Lightbody

    Paleo Christine Rx 13:24 at 170#

    Rock on paleo bretherin. Great to do that as a group. Im coming for you Carducci. Im comin!

  7. jen

    Paleo K hour: Huge thanks to our trainers for organizing this time for us so we can get these done and WOD together. That was super fun- and brutal at the same time.

    Christine: 17:22 Rx’d.
    3 rounds
    500 m row
    12 [email protected] bw (113#)
    21 box jumps 20″ box.
    Key points: STILL not built for rowing. I feel very heavy to me. Slooow going on box jumps. So much room for improvement!

    Thanks B!! Can’t wait for Randy. Uggh.
    Great job everyone!!

  8. Adam Van Auken

    Quarter Gone Bad – 88 rx’d (So close, Jared!). I love workouts where you rest more than you work! I’m glad we did this with weighted pull-ups because I hate SDHPs. Pull-ups were done with 1.5 pood and touching the bar on burpees. I’m pretty sure these were my numbers:
    Round 1 – 6 thrusters, 6 pull-ups, 7 burpees
    2 – same
    3 – 5, 4, 7
    4 – 5, 5, 7
    5 – 5, 4, 8

    Notes for next time:
    Thrusters – I’m happy with numbers except I should get 7 first round. I was moving way to slow for how fresh I was.
    Pull-ups – A big part of a WOD is the mental game and that includes preparation. I was not ready for the pull-ups and couldn’t figure out how to get the KB in my foot or reach the bar. This cost me. Next time I stack up plates so I can reach the bar. My grip was also too narrow.
    Burpees – I can do eight reps every time. I just need to push it to the limit. I was not doing that until round 5.
    Nice video of Allison doing this with some other famous CrossFitters:

  9. Brooke

    Can’t wait for all the competition details from around the city today!
    CFM worldwide!

    Was violently ill last night, so I stayed away today.

  10. sallys

    Christine Paleo Challenge
    17:25 Rx’d
    3 rds
    500k row
    12 bodyweight deadlifts (143#)
    21 box jumps, 20″

    Dude, I better lose 10 lbs on this paleo challenge. Those deadlifts sucked; had to break them up into sets of 4 after the row. With box jumps, I think it’s half a speed issue (need to improve cardio) and a fear issue. I had to psych myself up for every jump.

    Thanks everyone @10:30 today for the support!

  11. ERIC S.

    Crossfit Endurance
    Buy in: 400m x 2 (rest 2min)record your times

    400m run
    1 Arm Kettlebell ground to overhead. Rep scheme 15-12-9
    Sit ups 30-24-18
    (KB must start from the ground then either you can snatch it or clean and press it)
    You must complete both arms before you sprint the 400


    6min partner amrap:
    partner 1 sprints 100m while
    partner 2 does burpees
    *socre your combined number of burpees

    Cashout: kicking up to a free handstand or handstand walks

    rsvp me if you will be attending [email protected]

  12. ERIC S.

    Meeting on 86th st & Lexington @ 9am. Then taking the 4 train to Yankee Stadium for the track workout. Bring your water, towel and metrocard. I will assign you your KB

  13. Paige

    Steve’s Club Fundraiser

    Partner WOD with AMY

    40 KB Swings @ 16kg
    30 Burpees
    20 pull ups
    10 squats

    Amy and I had a great time and represented CFM!!!!

  14. AllisonNYC

    Holy crap, there’s a LOT of awesomeness going on on this blog!!!

    Snatches for me felt SO GOOD this morning! 7 sets of 3 @ 83lbs.. Very light but gave me an opportunity to get in volume with consistent technique. Felt perfect on every rep and it made me feel like I was in heaven.
    Same for the Cleans after + FS. When it feels good, it feels realllllllly good!

    I’m working with some kick ass programming from my darling bestie. Makes a huge difference.

    Congrats to everyone who went out and represented at races and events today!!!
    If any of you have some cool pictures that you’d like to share on the blog, please send them to my e-mail
    [email protected]

    Adam.. thanks for the blast from the past! Definitely gave me a good giggle. You should have learned from my mistakes.. I spent half the time trying to figure out how to hold that DB, too. hah! Good job on the WOD today.. your thrusters looked great

    YAY LB!!!!! You’ve got a great motivator and friend. I’d be scared to slow down with that tiny thing running after me, too!

  15. BAston

    CMC with JCash & the ladies. Almost punched the judge during burpees as she apparently wasn’t counting. Great time despite my shoulder and foot killing me.

    Anyone who wants to come, tomorrow, 11am at Jones Woods Foundry on the east side (76th bw York n 1st)….. Arsenal v Manchester Shitty, or, City. We have a crew of CFM peeps going out for the match. Come on out!!

  16. Kim

    Fifth ave mile. 6:55. 20 seconds off my PR but I wa sick all week so im happy with this performance.

    Courtney’s fifth ave Mile:
    5:55. PR by 5 seconds! Boom

  17. dlede

    upper body strength day before long run tomorrow

    establish 5 rep max bench

    weak I know but its been 2 years since really benching!

    5×5 1.5pood weighted pull-ups

  18. Sarah P.

    Doing the paleo challenge as a group was great!

    Chistine scaled at 15:37.

    500m row, 12 dead lifts at 75 and 21 box jumps at 12″. Need to go faster on the box jumps next time and focus on not bending my knees so much on the row.

  19. PJ

    High school track workout. 5 rounds of:
    * 10 yard bear crawl (4 year old daughter on back) * 10 air squats * 10 yard sprint * 10 push ups * As many pullups on soccer goal as possible. ~17ish pull ups.