She’s a Classic…


She’s a Classic…

100 Pull-Ups
100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Squats

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  1. BAston

    Thanks EJ…. Been sick, feeling better but not running the half. Gonna come try the wod though.

  2. mcohen

    Hang squat clean work with the Coach. 115 lbs. sets of 3. Did so many sets I lost count. Get full extension. Catch on the shoulders, pull yourself down. Elbows up. There are so many ques that you can get lost.

    Then, gave Angie a go. At 17:34 I had 67 squats to go when the quad cramps ended my morning. My last Angie was over 24 minutes, so I was on pace to kick her ass. Unfortunately, she got the best of me.

    Hydrate my friends. Water is your friend.

  3. zlewis3187

    I’m in Ohio for a wedding but got up hella early to have Angie rape my world. Finished in 24:38 with 40 jumping push ups to close out. In general, wished I was there this morning to have the impotence to go harder…not to mention I missed v-neck Friday! Have a good day all!

  4. Adam Van Auken

    25:48. First time meeting Angie and happy with score. I knew going in that the majority of the WOD would be spent doing pull-ups. Sets were something like 10-10-10-8-8-7 and then 5s for a while then 3s. Thanks, Brad for getting me through the squats. I was going to do 25s but you pushed me to do 75 unbroken on set two!

    Other observations:

    1) Dale is a beast. He weights 40 more pounds than me and finishes ahead in a bodyweight WOD. Lol.

    2)Fish oil rocks. I normally take this but I like to go off of supplements for a little while when they run out. I started taking it again yesterday (I take this and I immediately notice a difference.

    3)Take care of you hands. Many CrossFitters post images of their ripped hands on the intertubes after WODs like Angie. Well, to each his own but I would rather avoid this misery. Here’s an image of my hands after today’s WOD: This is what I recommend: A)Do not use chalk. B)Use gymnastics grips (I use C)Shave calluses (I use this about once a month after a shower).

    Enjoy the day everyone!

  5. ledbelly

    23:36 rxd

    Pull ups took me a long time, gotta move a lot of man, a lot of choco late thunder!

    If you are not outside, you are a dumb ass!

    Tan on!

  6. sara

    25:59 ring rows. Tried mixing regular push-ups with knee push-ups, but pretty quickly had to switch to all knees.

  7. maryseem


    Ring rows and knee pushup. Squats were slow my legs are shattered from the back squats on Thursday.

  8. Vikram


    Doesn’t seem right that I finished that fast, think I may have miscounted somewhere.

    Brad F, Raf = Monsters (in a nice way).

    Great vibe at 11:30 – met some great new people. CFM is such a blessing.

  9. bfarrel

    18:58 as rx’d. First time meeting Angie.

    Sprint from Hell’s Kitchen PRE-WOD. Just barely made the 11:30am class and I’m so glad I did or else I would have missed AVA’S 75 unbroken squats, skinny V not looking skinny, Carlos and his new haircut, chocolate thunder moving a lot of man around and Bboy dropping knowledge bombs on how not to look stupid when you sit up. I fucking love CFM.

    Enjoy the day folks!

  10. ERIC S.

    22:55 rx’d @ Arthur Ross Pinetum in Central Park!

    Had to share the pull up bar with a bunch of Delta Bravos who were perfecting their 1/2 pull ups. Good times though I worked on the tan in the mean time.

  11. rafael

    Vikram,agree 11:30 crew kicked ass!!!

    21:28 Rx’d
    Push ups and situps saved the day. Have to get those kipping pull-ups soon.

  12. DT

    Yo today was a half ironman. Full is in july. Muchos gracias for the shout tho ej!

    Went 6:40 on a reall hilly course. Not the fastest time.. it felt pretty good all around. Gotta spend a little more time on the bike but its alll goood.

    Much love CFM!

  13. Amylynne

    18:03 RX’d

    thanks to LB for pushing me and not for making me feel like a creeper doing it in the park with all those kids around!

    for thanks, i made her do 3 half mile sprints. she pr’d! woot woot

  14. PJ

    Did Fridays 3 push presser @115#. I believe 35 deadhangs.

    Made up a little burner: 8 min amrap 20 kbs, 40 DUs, 10 perfect hollow rocks. 3.5 rounds, hollow rocks are slow but if you are strict quite awful in this context.

    SLDLs 135-155-175 (5 reps) then 5 shrugs. That’s right, shrugs.