SHE’s BAAaack…..Brace Yourselves…..


SHE’s BAAaack…..Brace Yourselves…..

Sometimes Facebook is awesome!

Since today’s workout is short (and PAINFUL), we’ll spend a bit extra time getting into the warm-up groove, doing the full thing AND working on the Rings.

Benchmark Wednesday:
21 – 15 – 9
Thrusters  65/ 95

Cash Out:
Trainer led foam rolling to get it down pat… AND to recover so that you guys can actually walk home.  bwaaahhaha  😉   <3

Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.
–  John Lennon

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  1. Jared

    5:19, slower than PR of 4:54 on March 1st.

    I broke the first set of pullups into 3 sets. That extra time slowed me down. The other sets of pullups were broken up more than they should have. Next time, only jump off the pullup bar once per set and don’t drop the barbell/keep a good rhythm going the whole time.

    Welcome Justin to his first 6am class!

  2. Vikram

    Was pumped after Brendan’s amazing speech today about putting in your work and training HARD. Then…kind of disappointed myself on the WOD. Smacked my chin hard with the bar…saw stars…dropped the weights and my clip came off. It was amateur hour.

    7:22 at just 75 lbs.

    Really want to work on form and go heavier. Going to try for 85 next time. The goal is to Rx by early 2013.

    Inspired watching Jared, AVA, Big Mike…Mel and Paige with their awesome form.

  3. Adam Van Auken

    6:20 rx’d (PR by 2:25 from 8/22/11). I did some research on Fran strategy at 5 AM (lol) and found a good tip: do the thrusters unbroken. This tip is obvious and useless in and of itself but the author elaborated, saying you should rest on the pull-ups if you need to do that to accomplish unbroken thrusters. It just takes too much time/energy to clean the bar again. So this was my goal and I did it! It actually was not that bad. I really concentrated on using legs for the thrusters.

    Pull-ups were a mess. I agree with Jared but I’m not sure how to achieve it. I’ll have to think about this for next time.

  4. mcohen

    6:47 Rx’d.

    You know what Mike Tyson said in his hay day. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. My plan for Fran, “not to vomit”.

  5. Todd D

    I am so inspired by the 6am class. You all are soooo amazing!!! I am in awe of each of you. Thanks for making me feel so welcome and for encouraging me to push myself harder.

  6. alexsnape

    7:44 rx’d. What a great way to start the day.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself vikram. 7:22 at “just” 75 is a really good time.

  7. amy edelman

    7:52 @ 58#

    Mostly jumpiing pull ups:
    21 round: 11 jumping / 10 ring rows
    15 round: 12 jumping / 3 rr
    9 round: 9 jumping

  8. Paige

    8:56 @ 58#
    Jumping pull ups and elevated ring rows

    That was short but killer. Hoping to go up in weight while not compromising form and get better at pull ups for next time.

    The 6am crew really is great and motivating! Thanks to Skinny, Big Mike, Jared, Mel, Amy, AVA, Todd, and Brendan’s coaching for making that hour so enjoyable!

  9. Nico

    12:43 Rx’d.

    I think it was my first time doing Fran and I wanted to do it at the recommended weight.

    Need to do 21 Thrusters every other day so that I get used to it and do them unbroken. Maybe then I will improve my time. Also, need to make sure I push all the way through on the way up when I get tired.

  10. EJ


    Brian Aston is running the NYC marathon for Frank’s charity (Standing Tall). On September 7th from 7pm-10pm he will be guest bartending . Hope everyone can come out, and have a few drinks, and help him raise money for a great cause. Hope to see everyone there!

    LOCATION: Swig, 2nd Ave between 84th & 85th.


    Nutrition Seminar from Brendan, as well as a brief informational meeting about the challenge


    Lurongliving is having a Paleo Challenge and we are going to participate. Check out the website for more information and SIGN UP under CF Metropolis!!! If you have any questions so far, email Jen [email protected]

  11. SoCalAndrew

    6:28 rxd.

    My last day at CFM for a while will be tomorrow, so I hope it’s gnarly (just with no multi-rep olympic lifts). 😛

  12. Vikram

    Don’t want to exceed my 3 post limit today! Ha!

    On the run, but wanted to say:

    1. Thanks to all for their comments earlier. Working hard.
    2. Awesome times posted by many today.
    3. AVA – you’re a riot.
    4. Andrew – it’s been amazing to watch you lift over these past months. You can push some weight. Hope you stay in close touch with CFM!

  13. Sam B

    Nooner class

    8:45 Rx’d!!!

    First time I was able to Rx Fran. I was planning on 85 lbs, but Brendan helped motivate me to rx the WOD and go sub 10 mins.

    Thx B!

  14. ERIC S.

    Then “Fran” I was trying to get under 5 minutes, NOT. She kicked my butt. Rested too much. Next time Franny!

    5:14 Rx’d

  15. PaulRyan

    Bowhunter here. You know how I said I ran a sub-3, I mean sub-4 hour marathon yesterday? Ha – just kidding. According to Runner’s World, it was actually 4:01:25.

    Can’t make it to the box tonight, leading a P90X sesh on the Front Lawn.

    May try to screw around with Fran later, but if things get complicated I defintely do not support her right to choose.

    Would like to do “Ayn-nie” one day; same as “Annie” but there are no modifications allowed and whoever can’t finish will be left for dead.

    Peace – Paul / M / 42 / 6’2″ / 165 / R-Wisc

  16. BAston

    7:19 @ 85# (PR by 4 seconds from the last time I did Fran at 75#). Very pleased.

    Had a handful of squats where my depth was suspect, and of course, Allison saw each and every one of those. For the most part, I had good depth though.

    My pull ups have really fallen apart. I need to start working on those again big time.

    Nice job to Daniel tonight, really battled through it.

  17. Rolf

    10:29 rx. Felt pretty good about myself… Than saw Eroc’s post. Half my time and he did a thousand dead lifts beforehand. humbling. Ur a beast. Had fun as always thanks for the coaching Allison and for pushing me at the end there Angela and Brian.

  18. jasenS

    16:50 RX

    Everyone I shushed, sorry!! I am not the kind of gal that responds well to the “you can do its!” “pick up the bar!”

  19. BAston

    Hey All,

    I’ll send a few more reminders, but for those coming out for my bartending gig this Friday, please have some cash on you. Paying for your tab with credit card is cool, but tips would be appreciated in cash. If you tip on the card, it will just be a shit show. Again, all tips go to Standing Tall!

    Thanks, looking forward to making you all bad, stiff drinks! Expect average service with a smile!

  20. sassypants

    8:10 rx’d (PR by ~2min)

    *Thrusters felt great, they were even Allie-depth approved!
    *Will be working on not swinging so much for pullups to save energy. Every time I want to eat those french fries I will force myself to remember: weight loss=easier pullups. 🙂

  21. Ang

    9:03 @ 53#, just happy to be able to do a WOD involving squats for the first time in 4 weeks. Thanks, Dr. Mike Murray!

    @Baston: Dr. Mike Murray
    CrossFit Virtuosity
    221 N 8th St
    Brooklyn, NY 11211

    PS He will also be at CF Metropolis on 9/23

  22. Julesnextdoor

    9:19 at just 30# with ring rows– 1st Fran, arms now stunned and frail by having to perform basic tasks, am wondering how I managed to not use my upper body at all for. . . my entire life? But good to know, motivation to continue.

  23. Brooke

    @jasen – you can shush me all you want, I’ll still cheer you on until you finish. Rock on!

    7:51. 40# thrusters, ring rows.

    Everytime i do Fran I use a different combo of weight and pullups. so nothing is ever the same.

  24. Alicia

    10:40 @ 65#, jumping pullups
    compare to 8:25 same wt, pullups 3/1/12

    sluggish, slow…thrusters @ 45# felt heavy, but went to 65# anyways and just struggled the whole wod. Not my day. Thanks to Allie for the pep talk – some days you have it and some days you don’t. That’s what tomorrow is for right?

  25. Carmen

    Made my dramatic return to CFM for the 6 a.m. after 2 months of nursing a shitty hammy/hip etc.

    Just happy to be back, but got derailed by a twinge that set me into a panic after the first set/round/whatever. Will just keep showing up and working around whatever my old body throws at me next.

  26. nicola

    13:12 RX. Biatch.

    My only goal today was to do this rx, even though pull-ups were one at a painful time. Time can only go down from here…I hope.

    Side note: vomitous Fran was still the best part of my day. Just sayin, my job sucks.

    Thanks for the cheers 6:30!!

  27. EdG

    10:38 @ #75.
    Probably should have gone heavier but first day back after a pretty long break. Next time go 85 or 95. Great to be back.

  28. AllisonNYC

    You guys and girls are all amazing.

    Congrats to everyone who PR’d and to everyone who pushed through it when it wasn’t feeling great. Sometimes, those efforts are even more important than the great days.

    Great work tonight, everyone.

  29. jen

    12:22 @ 58 lbs. Awful.
    Thrusters feel like they are never going to get easier.
    Thanks Allie for being my personal coach during the awfulness, and to everyone cheering til the bitter end.

    7:42 @55 lbs in Oct! Yep. True story. Maybe I’m getting too old for crossfit? Oh well, like Alicia said, tomorrow is another day.

    Awesome job 6:30. Special shout out to Rx ladies Steph and Nicola.

  30. ledbelly

    7:04 rx’d – PR verse 8:10 last time

    Pull ups, pull ups, getting better at doing them but need to string them together, one day!